Man died ‘drinking hot water’ in detention

Police say a man who was found dead while in custody “died suddenly while drinking hot water”, the Chongqing Evening News reported today.

Wang Yahui was detained for alleged theft on February 18 in Lushan county, Central China’s Henan province. Three days later, his family was informed that he died in the detention center.

Wang’s family is suspicious of the cause of his death, saying his body suffered multiple injuries. His nipples were cut off and his private parts were also bruised, according to his family.

“(The police told me) He was in good conditions in the detention center but suffered sudden stomach ache when questioned. Then he died,” Wang’s wife reportedly said to local media.

Officials at the local police bureau confirmed the death but said they were not clear how Wang was injured in the detention center.

The four policemen who were involved in the incident are now under the control of local authorities, pending further investigation, the reported added.

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