At Least 3 Injured in Violent Protests in Santo Domingo

SANTO DOMINGO – At least three people, among them a police officer, were injured in violent protests Monday, the second consecutive day of such disturbances in the Capotillo sector of this capital, the government said.

The violence has been erupting during protests over the death of a man who was allegedly shot several times by a police patrol on Friday and subsequently died on Sunday.

The demonstrators set up blockades and burned tires on the streets of the Capotillo neighborhood, which is in northern Santo Domingo,

The civilians injured on Monday were identified as Dario Amparo and Eduardo Arturo Duran, but the name of the police officer who was injured has not been made public by the authorities yet, a police source told Efe.

Amparo and Duran were admitted to Francisco Moscoso Puello Hospital in Capotillo, but the police officer was taken to the police force’s special hospital.

The protests began on Sunday night after the death of 28-year-old Jose Luis Estevez Familia, who was allegedly shot by police in the Capotillo neighborhood on Friday.

The police source said that on the first day of the protests three civilians were injured: Ana Peralta Almanzar, 33; Victor Manuel Acosta, 25, and Emilis Lizardo, 10.

Capotillo residents said that officers with the police command known as “Los Gavilanes” are the ones responsible for the man’s death, but the police reject that version.

Protest organizers told local television stations that the demonstrations will continue until the killers of Estevez Familia are brought to justice. EFE

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