Spain detains two ETA suspects

Madrid – Spanish police Wednesday detained two suspected members of the militant Basque separatist group ETA as they tried to cross over to France, police sources said.

The two were held at a border control in Camprodon.

They were identified as Jon Rosales Palenzuela, who was thought to be a would-be member of a planned new ETA cell, and Adur Aristegi Aragon, who was linked with ETA’s Vizcaya cell.

The arrests brought to six the number of detentions linked to that of Ibai Beobide Arza, who was held when cycling in the Basque region on Saturday.

Beobide is suspected of involvement in several attacks, including a 2008 car bombing which damaged the headquarters of the Basque radio and television station EITB.

Twenty-three ETA suspects have been held so far this year in Spain, France and Portugal.

ETA is held responsible for more than 820 killings since 1968.

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