DRDO’s UAVs, new weapons systems to fight Maoists

DRDO has set up a stall at the DEFEXPO focusing on equipments used in low intensity conflicts for the first time.
Defence Research and Development Organisation is providing unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), micro air vehicles (MAVs), ground penetration radars, foliage penetration radars and other weapons to the paramilitary forces and the state police forces to fight against the Maoists and other extremists.

“Focus of warfare has shifted towards low intensity conflict, what we have been observing for last few years. So we thought that DRDO should focus on supporting the role of paramilitary forces in strengthening their cause in fighting internal conflicts,” said Dr. K Sekhar, DRDO’s Chief Controller research and development for low intensity conflict technologies.

Dr. Sekhar said on Thursday that a core team has been framed by DRDO, which will develop technologies in next 1-4 years to meet the requirements of security forces in fighting counter insurgency and the Maoists.

“We are looking at developing ground penetration radars to located the IEDs (improvised explosive devices) used by the naxalites and also develop a very high power laser to destroy these IEDs.

“We are also looking at developing foliage penetration radar so that movement of vehicles and people moving around in jungles can be easily tracked. Apart from it UAVs and MAVs fitted with sensors will also help to keep a track on movement of people,” said Dr. Sekhar.

DRDO has also developed a modern sub-machinegun (SMG) that will be extremely useful in anti-terror operations as its ammunition is capable of piercing bulletproof jackets.

DRDO is also offering mobile jammers, night vision devices, chilli bombs, surveillance systems and radars which can see through the wall and map things going behind it.

There are 11 outdoor exhibits and nearly 220 indoor exhibits in this year DEFEXPO from DRDO.

The outdoor exhibit of the DRDO includes PINAKA multi barrel launcher, Unmaned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)-Nishant, DAKSH-ROVs and NETRA UAV,Main Battle Tank (MBT) ARJUN, Rohini Radar, Data Center Vehicle, NBC Water Purification System on ALS, Shourya, PAD with launcher, AKASH launcher, Group Control Center. By Praful Kumar Singh (ANI)

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