Dominican Soldiers Kill Two Haitian Illegal Migrants

DAJABON, Dominican Republic – Dominican soldiers posted on the Dominican-Haitian border shot and killed on Saturday two undocumented Haitians who were suspected of taking back to their home country a motorcycle they had stolen in Dajabon, army officials said.

The national police force and the army could not reveal the names of the victims since they carried no identification.

The incident occurred at 4:00 a.m. local time in the town of Vigia, on the northwestern border province of Dajabon.

According to military souces, a joint operation by army soldiers and Cesfront border-patrol guards attempted to stop the two undocumented Haitians as they were riding the supposedly stolen motorcycle.

Army authorities said that allegedly the two foreigners tried to attack the soldiers, “so they had to resist by using their guns” and killing the two men.

The bodies were taken to the coroner’s office in the northern city of Santiago for an autopsy.

A commission made up of the army, Cesfront and the national police has opened an investigation, while the soldiers involved in the incident have been placed under arrest.

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