Mexican ambassador to Chile condemns attack against embassy

Mexican ambassador in Santiago Mario Leal condemned the attack against the Mexican embassy in Chile Wednesday.

“It is displeasing, because we think that there are excellent ties between Chile and Mexico, that is why we are surprised for this attack,” Leal told a local radio station.

The attack occurred at 6:15 p.m. local time, when nine youngsters threw paint to the Mexican embassy, broke 10 windows and threw flyers demanding freedom for “the political prisoners of Mexico and the world.”

Leal said the attack has been recorded by the embassy’s security cameras and they are being checked by the police, which suspects the attack was carried by anarchist groups.

Meanwhile, the Mexican Foreign Ministry also condemned the attack, saying that “the intolerable event attempts against the inviolability that the buildings of all the diplomatic or consular representations must have.”

The Mexican Ministry also said in a statement that it expects ” this incident to be properly clarified by the Chilean authorities. “

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