Cops arrest 6 Petauke pupils for rioting

POLICE yesterday apprehended six pupils from Petauke Boarding High School after a riot.

Eastern Province police commanding officer Mary Chikwanda and District Education Board Secretary Mathews Chirwa confirmed the picking up of the pupils.

Chikwanda said the six who were ring leaders had been picked to help police with investigations.

“I am told this riot occurred around 01:00 hours today (yesterday) and I am told the cause of the riot is something to do with food, something like that…but we are still investigating,” said Chikwanda.

And Chirwa said his office was still finding out the cause of the riot and accessing the extent of the damage.

“Nobody knows the exact cause of the riot. So we cannot outrightly say the cause is food although food maybe another reason but there must be other reasons,” he said.

Chirwa said the rioting pupils caused extensive damage to the administration block and the computer room.

“My office is still accessing the damage so we will be able to know more after we finish that,” he said.
Chirwa said by Monday night, the pupils who were in the bush had returned to the school.

“Yesterday (Monday) we had two problems at the school. We were burying a teacher and this same issue of the riot but by yesterday all the pupils who were in the bush had come. I don’t know whether others are still in the bush,” said Chirwa.

Other sources said the pupils might have rioted after the sudden death of a mathematics teacher, a Mr. Banda.

He said the pupils have damaged a lot of things at the school.

“These pupils have damaged their school, if you come to the school now you will not believe what has happened especially the computer room,” the source said.

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