Peruvian Police Capture 8 Guerrillas

LIMA – The National Police captured eight suspected guerrillas following clashes in the Valley of the Apurimac and Ene rivers, known as the VRAE region, but no one was injured, Interior Minister Octavio Salazar said.

Three rifles, nine handguns, eight grenades and ammunition were seized in the operation, Salazar told Channel N television.

The operation was launched in response to intelligence reports that several suspected guerrillas were in an area near Huamanguilla, a town in Ayacucho province, the interior minister said.

The guerrillas were found inside two houses, Salazar said, adding that officers exchanged gunfire with the insurgents at one of the dwellings.

“We have struck a hard blow against these gangs. We have captured a total of eight people, six adults and two minors,” Salazar said.

Police and prosecutors are investigating the suspects, the interior minister said. EFE

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