Greece clippings

New group behind recent attack
A previously unknown group calling itself Revolutionary Organization December 6, an apparent reference to the date of the police killing of a teenager in 2008, has claimed responsibility for last Friday’s bloodless bomb blast outside the government’s press and media office in the Athens district of Kallithea. In a proclamation published on the Internet yesterday, the group said it had planted the time bomb outside the offices of the General Secretariat of Communication and Information last Friday.

Anti-racism rally
An anti-racist, anti-fascist rally is due to be held at noon today at the Panormou metro station in the central Athens neighborhood of Ambelokipi. The protest is being organized by a group called “Movement to Deport Racism” in response to 30 masked men forcing their way into a social club in Ano Ambelokipi last Sunday and spray-painting racist slogans on the wall and making threats against the people that were there.

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