Greek wary of new incidents after terrorist bombing 2010-01-16 22:21:59
ATHENS, Jan. 16 (Xinhua) — Greek authorities are guarding against any new violent episodes after a bomb went off outside Greece’s press ministry building in Athens late Friday.

The homemade bomb caused no injuries but damaged the press building, nearby shops and cars. An unidentified man reportedly made warning phone calls to Greek newspapers and television channels about 20 minutes before the attack.

“Democracy will not be intimidated nor terrorized by a group of bullies,” said government spokesman Yiorgos Petalotis.

Greece has adopted a firm approach to anarchist and leftist terrorist groups that have operated in the country for years.

The country has seen a rise in domestic terrorist attacks since the fatal shooting of a teenager by police in December 2008 that triggered the nation’s worst riots in decades.

A similar makeshift bomb exploded near the parliament building on Jan. 10 but caused no casualties. “Conspiracy of Nuclei of Fire”, a leftist guerrilla group, claimed responsibility for the bombing.

Several extremist left-wing groups operate in Greece and they often plant bombs targeting businesses, government offices and banks. The bombs are usually planted late at night or preceded by warning calls and rarely cause any casualties.

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