Greek Farmers Lift Blockade at Bulgaria Border, Worse to Come

January 15
Protesting Greek farmers have lifted the blockade at the Ilinden-Eksohi border crossing point on the Bulgaria-Greece border.

Traffic in the area has been restored, the Bulgarian authorities at the border report Friday.

Around 2 pm the Greek farmers with nearly 200 tractors and other farming equipment blocked the border cross point on the Greek side.

The farmers are protesting unpaid subsidies and demand better prices for their production.

The blockade has been lifted at 4 pm, but the worse is yet to come since the demonstrators say the real rally is scheduled for Monday, January 18, when the other cross point at Kulata-Promahon will also be blocked.

On January 21 2009, Greek farmers, protesting against unpaid EU subsidies and falling commodity prices, invaded with their tractors Bulgaria’s territory close to the Kulata border crossing point. The blockade escalated and on January 23 all three crossing points at the Bulgaria-Greece border were closed. The protests triggered huge, kilometer-long lines and difficulties for commercial truck drivers and travelers. The Kulata-Promahon crossing point did not reopen until the end of the first week in February.

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