Alleged escapees charged with murder of prison guard

HOHHOT: Three men arrested after a massive manhunt for a group of escaped convicts in north China last year have been charged with the murder of a prison guard during the jailbreak, prosecutors said Wednesday.
Police arrested Qiao Haiqiang, Dong Jiaji and Li Hongbin 66 hours after the escape from a prison in Hohhot, capital of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, in October.

A fourth man, Gao Bo, was shot dead after he resisted arrest.

Prosecution procedures had started at the Intermediate People’s Court of Hohhot against the three, all in their twenties.

They are also charged with escaping custody, robbery, kidnap and theft, said a spokesman for Hohhot procurators.

Notices posted on the Ministry of Public Security’s website during the manhunt said two of the escapees had been sentenced to death with a two-year reprieve and the other two were sentenced to life in prison for robbery.

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