10 charged in New Year’s Eve jail riot

January 7
A New Year’s Eve revolt at the Baxter County Detention Center has resulted in charges being filed against 10 inmates.

According to Baxter County Sheriff John Montgomery, 10 current and former inmates have been charged with misdemeanor offenses following the Dec. 31 riot.

One inmate, Travis Lee Cagle, 30, of Calico Rock began cursing and yelling about the food that was served at the evening meal, and nine other inmates quickly joined in, according to an incident report by Investigator Brad Hurst.

Hurst reported other inmates assigned to the same housing area as Cagle began throwing their food and food trays at the Control Tower windows inside the Detention Center.

The inmates were being served beans and corn bread, the standard evening meal, according to Montgomery.

Deputies and Mountain Home Police officers were called in to quell the disturbance and to remove Cagle and the others into isolation holding cells, Montgomery said.

Cagle was charged with inciting a riot, a class A misdemeanor. The remaining inmates were charged with impairing the operations of a vital public facility, a class A misdemeanor offense.

Montgomery said the offense was enacted into law by the General Assembly as Act 1210 of 2009 after the need for such a law was brought to the attention of the General Assembly by the Baxter County Sheriff’s office.

Those charged with impairing operations of a vital public facility are: Doyle G. George, 36, of Mountain Home; Jason S. McAndrew, 23, of Harrison; George R. Parish, 57, of Mountain Home; Trevor C. Thompson, 19, of Mountain Home; Joshua M. Golden, 25, of Mountain Home; David M. Corbin, 24, of Mountain Home; William H. Hanson, 45, of Mountain Home; Mitchell G. Dempsey, 20, of Mountain Home; and Michael A. Behrens, 19, of Mountain Home.

Each is scheduled to appear Jan. 14 in Baxter County District Court.

There were no injuries or damage to the facility.

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