Spaniard held in Chile over explosives cache

(CNN) — A Spanish citizen has been arrested in Chile after officials said they found a large cache of explosives in his house, the Telam news outlet reported Friday.

The explosives matched material used in four bombings in the region in 2009, said Telam, the government-run news agency in neighboring Argentina. Chilean media reported the arrest, but the official state-run CAN news agency did not.

Authorities did not release the man’s name after his arrest Thursday in the Araucania region of central Chile, Telam said. The suspect lived in the city of Padre Las Casas, which is 680 kilometers (422 miles) south of Santiago, Chile’s capital.

Chilean media identified him as a 38-year-old Spaniard who arrived in the region in March. He worked as a writer and translator, La Tercera newspaper said. Bio-Bio Radio identified him as a Basque poet and writer.

Authorities said they found a high-power, unexploded bomb Thursday in front of the Auracania Ministry of Justice in the nearby city of Temuco. The bomb did not explode, officials said, because the fuse failed to detonate the explosives.

Similar bombs were placed in the past 12 months in front of the Regional Public Defender’s Office, a plaza and a pharmacy, Telam and Chilean media said.

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