Bombs Go Off at Mexican Banks

MEXICO CITY – No one was hurt when two small bombs were detonated early Thursday at bank branches in the central state of Mexico, authorities said.
The first explosion came at 3:20 a.m. in front of the automatic teller machines at a branch of Spanish-owned BBVA Bancomer in the city of Toluca, state officials said.

Fifteen minutes later, another device went off at a branch office of Citigroup subsidiary Banamex in Metepec.

The blasts caused only minor damage.

While authorities suspect the explosions were caused by homemade firecrackers, they are analyzing residues found at each site, the Mexico state public safety office said, adding that flyers with the slogan “Viva Europa Comunista” (Long Live Communist Europe) were found outside the BBVA Bancomer office.

Both Toluca and Metepec lie near Mexico City, where similar bombings were carried out in September at banks and shops.

A college student alleged to have links to anarchist groups were arrested in connection with one of those explosions in the capital, but a judge later deemed his detention illegal and stopped the Mexican Attorney General’s Office from indicting him on terrorism charges.

Ramses Villarreal said he was abused by police during his detention and his wife denied that he was involved with any political organization. EFE

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