Anarchists Claim Responsibility for Bocconi Package Bomb

MILAN – A package containing a semi-detonated explosive device was found at the Bocconi university in Milan on Wednesday morning. The package contained two kilograms of dynamite, according to the accompanying flyer, and was connected to a timer. It was found in a cavity between a storage space and an underground corridor. The device exploded at 3 am on Wednesday morning but the explosion was only partial owing to an electronic defect. Responsibility was claimed at 1 pm on Wednesday, in an anonymous phone call and a flyer to Libero newspaper, by the Informal Anarchist Federation, which has in the past been responsible for other package bombs in demonstrative, non-life-endangering actions. The public prosecutor’s office has opened an inquiry and is waiting for the DIGOS special branch’s reconstruction of events, which should be on assistant public prosecutor Armando Spataro’s desk on Thursday morning.

IMMIGRANT CENTRES IN CROSS-HAIRS – The flyer, signed Sisters in Arms – Mauricio Morales Group/FAI, is entitled “Operation Eat the Rich – Torch the CIEs” and concludes with a threat: “Close the CIEs [Identification and Expulsion Centres] or the blood of the boss class will start to flow”. On Tuesday, an envelope bearing the name Informal Anarchist Federation and containing an explosive-stuffed wallet went off on the desk of the director of the CIE at Gradisca d’Isonzo, in the province of Gorizia. The objectives listed in the claim include CIEs and related facilities. The yellow envelope measuring 25 centimetres by 15 was stamped but had not been franked and the address was typewritten. The explosive powder was of the kind used for fireworks and it was electrically primed. If Luigi Del Ciello, the director of the CIE, had not thrown the envelope onto his desk so quickly, it could have caused serious injuries, for example by exploding near his face.

MARONI WARNS AGAINST TAKING INCIDENT LIGHTLY – Interior minister Roberto Maroni said in an interview with TG1 news that the episode “should not be taken lightly. It’s a serious affair involving several attacks in various places in Milan, Friuli and also Florence and elsewhere. We are paying particular attention to these initiatives. We are monitoring them constantly and drawing up measures to prevent them from spreading across the country”. According to Mr Maroni, the incident “can be traced in a certain sense to a climate of extreme confrontation that needs to be scaled down”. The minister reiterated his appeal to moderate the tone of political debate because, he said, “we absolutely must avoid emulation like the incidents in Milan and at the Bocconi”. Mr Maroni said that it was an episode not to be taken lightly.

ALARM IN THE NIGHT – Bocconi university sources said that the explosion, which failed to cause any injuries or damage to property but did dislodge fragments of plaster, took place in a tunnel which connects Via Sarfatti to Via Bocconi and which is closed at night. Police were informed at 3.15 am by the Bocconi’s caretaker, who heard a violent explosion. Flying squad officers who arrived on the scene thought at first that there had been a short circuit but subsequent inspection by bomb disposal experts revealed pieces of pipe and undetonated explosive. According to the experts, the bomb was a classic rudimentary device made from a metal cylinder about 25 centimetres long with an electrical detonator, since there were wires emerging from it. The limited extent of the damage is probably due to lack of skill on the part of the electrical detonator’s maker. Although the claim received by Libero explicitly mentions “two kilograms of dynamite”, initial analyses by police forensic scientists have yet to ascertain precisely what chemicals were used. On Wednesday morning, the tunnel linking the two buildings was sealed off for a few hours to enable bomb disposal experts to carry out their inspection. It was later re-opened and the inauguration of the new Bocconi Art Gallery, BAG, went ahead as planned.

TEXT OF FLYER – “On 16 December at 3 am, in Milan, two kilograms of dynamite will bring revolution and destruction”. The flyer claiming responsibility also says: “Those who do not wage terror, fall victim to terror”. “We decided to strike where you least expect it. On a cold winter’s night, the blaze of an explosion lights up the word solidarity, restoring its true meaning in a physical attack on a stronghold of the realm where the new tools and of the capitalist apparatus are shaped, and where the knives that will slit the throats of the downtrodden are honed”. The flyer continues: “Moral indignation at the building of yet more concentration camps in the ‘civilised’ early 21st-century West is transformed into action. We have no pretensions to heroism. In this our first action, we are merely sharing the risks our migrant brothers and sisters run every day in their own flesh. Let fear change course. May the rich and powerful tremble as we dance”.

English translation by Giles Watson

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