Woman Says Argentine Cops Murdered Her Husband

BUENOS AIRES – A Bolivian woman went Tuesday to the Plaza de Mayo in front of the Argentine seat of government to accuse police of shooting her husband in an incident that is still under judicial investigation.

Nilda, 32, said that her husband Juvelio Aguayo, also Bolivian, was killed by police who last Friday entered their home on the outskirts of Buenos Aires allegedly looking for drug traffickers.

“We heard noises on the roof of the house and we saw men trying to get in and rob us. Juvelio shot a few time in the air to scare them away, but the men came down and they were police,” she said in a letter that she gave to the press.

The woman said the cops undressed her and put her in a room with her mother-in-law and sister-in-law, while at the same time they took her husband to the dining room and tortured him.

“We heard his horrifying cries and pleas while they were beating him. Then we heard shots and we didn’t hear Juvelio again – they shot him,” she said.

Nilda said that she is pregnant and asked the press to help her report the incident.

Her attorney, Gustavo Moron, told Efe that the police report of the incident is “very weak” and said that a group of Bolivians, accompanied by representatives from their country’s consulate in Buenos Aires, will file a formal complaint.

“According to the police report, Juvelio tried to escape and they shot at him five times. They previously told him they were looking for drugs and a person nicknamed ‘El Chino.’ There were no drugs, but they left a dead body,” the attorney said, adding that the Bolivian’s wife also accused the police of stealing money from her. EFE

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