JFJ appalled at Kentucky Kid’s killing

Human rights lobby group Jamaicans for Justice (JFJ) is raising grave concerns surrounding the police killing a Kingston man popularly called Kentucky Kid.

The Constabulary Communication Network reports that Kentucky Kid whose real name is Robert Hill was shot dead by the police on December 8 after he pulled a weapon at them.

However, the JFJ said it is not convinced that account of the police is true.

According to the police, Hill was being accosted shortly after 9:30 on Tuesday night when he tried to fire at them and was subsequently shot dead.

However JFJ said it has received accounts of the incident, which suggest that a party of policemen traveling in a taxi shot Mr. Hill in cold blood.

JFJ says Mr. Hill, who along with his pregnant wife were recently harassed and abused by the police.

The incident allegedly occurred while the couple stopped their car at a traffic light shortly after midnight on July 11 this year.

After that incident, Mr. Hill reported that policemen assaulted him in his apartment on two occasions.

The second occasion is reported to have been video recorded.

Mr. Hill reported that in that case, he and his wife were at home when a group of policemen barged in and started to assault him.

He said the police used pliers to pinch his fingers and dragged him by the neck.

His pregnant wife, who reportedly went to his defense, was allegedly tossed around causing cuts to her abdomen.

Mr. Hill later reported the matter to the Police Public Complaints Authority and the Police Anti Corruption Division.

JFJ said it finds the allegations surrounding Mr. Hill’s death appalling.

It is calling for the Acting Police Commissioner and the Head of the Bureau of Special Investigations to conduct a speedy and intensive probe to clarify the circumstances of the death of Mr. Hill.

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