Attacks on Federal Criminal Police Office (Germany)

Series of violent attacks from left radicals in Berlin and Hamburg results in property damage.

* * * rush translation * * *

December 4. Supposed left radicals in Berlin have attacked the office of the federal criminal police as well as the offices of two members of the Bundestag (lower house of Parliament) CDU and SPD. According to the police nobody was injured. The culprits have not yet been apprehended with an office of the German federal police responsible for political crimes taking over the investigation. The Berlin party head of the CDU Frank Hankel called for the red-red Senate to fight the overflowing violence in the “capital of left extremism”.

At 2:30am three molotov cocktails as well as multiple paint bombs and stones where thrown at the German federal police office. The culprits didn’t advance onto the federal police office property but threw the fire bombs from the Bouchestraße on the rear of the property. Security personel were able to quickly put out the flames which kept the damage to a minimum. Officers suspect that it was multiple culprits who were able to flee on foot. So far there have been no witnesses.

In Berlin-Treptow the culprits threw so called caltrops during their flight to make it more difficult for the police vehicles to follow them. These steel spikes can deflate tires. The German federal police has its headquarters in hessischen Wiesbaden, the Berlin branch opened in 2005.

Bundestag member Petra Merkel (SPD) holds her meetings with voters in the attacked office in the Charlottenburger Goethestraße. She recently became head of the Bundestag’s budget committee. The office was painted with messages such as “war monger” or “army out of Afghanistan”. Bundestag member Karl-Georg Wellmann (CDU) office in Zehlendorf on the Clayallee had multiple paint bombs thrown at it.

Henkle said “We can no longer accept that police are the targets of left extremist violence, that almost nightly cars are wantonly set abalze and destroyed and citizens have to worry about their own property. According to a comunique the attacks on the offices of two members of the Bundestag are a sign against the “German war politics”. The police registered in the same night more attacks in the capital, a car dealership in Tempelhof and a McDonalds in Berlin-Marzahn. In another communique the paint bombs are a proest against climate change and “the system which has created it”.

The police were also attacked that same Thursday evening in Hamburg. In the Schanzenviertel area ten masked people threw stones through multiple windows of a police station. A police car was set on fire and completely destroyed by the flames. A second police car had its window’s smashed.

The Bundestag had with a broad majority voted to extend the army’s deployment in Afghanistan. A protest through Friedrichshain against the eviction of a house in the Brunnenstraße has been registered with the police for Saturday evening.

rush translation from: Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung – December 5, 2009

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