Two Bombs Explode in Honduran Capital

TEGUCIGALPA – Two small homemade bombs exploded over the weekend in Tegucigalpa, but no one was injured and the blasts caused only minor damage, Honduran police said.

The first bomb went off on Sunday in front of the Vida Abundante evangelical church in the Las Colinas district, causing minor damage to a parked car.

No one inside the church, where a service was being held, was injured.

The bomb consisted of “commercial explosives,” a fuse and a detonator, a police officer told Efe, adding that it was thrown under the car by unidentified individuals.

Vida Abundante pastor Evelio Reyes has been a strong supporter of Roberto Micheletti’s de facto regime, which ousted President Mel Zelaya on June 28.

The other bomb was planted in an automobile parked on the main street in the densely populated El Pedregal neighborhood, but a pedestrian spotted the bomb and threw it into an empty lot, a police spokesman said.

On Saturday, a bomb damaged the opposition National Party’s headquarters in the northern city of El Progreso.

Several other bombings have occurred in recent weeks in Honduras, but no one has been killed and no serious damage has occurred to property.

Police have not made any arrests in connection with the bombings.

Zelaya has been at the Brazilian Embassy in Tegucigalpa since Sept. 21, when he slipped back into Honduras with the goal of regaining the presidency.

Honduras will hold elections next Sunday. EFE

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