Protest in Peshawar against loadshedding

22 November

PESHAWAR: Locals of Tehkal area in Peshawar staged a protest demonstration against gas and electricity loadshedding in their area.

Angry protestors blocked the main university road for a while and chanted slogan against the provincial government.

The locals said that they were facing 12 to 14 hours of electricity load shedding and four hours of gas load shedding for the past one year.

They said that due to the electricity loadshedding, most of the tube wells had become non-functional and the people in the area were facing water shortage.

Talking to DawnNews, former Nazim of the area Yasin Khalil said the locals had communicated the problem with the authorities but they turned a blind eye towards the issue.

‘For the last so many years, we are facing severe electricity load shedding. Same is the case with gas load shedding. We also facing sever water shortage due to non availability of electricity. Now the locals as a last resort made announcements in the mosques and came on road,’ he said.

He warned that the government should solve the problem in three days otherwise the locals will turn violent and stage demonstrations all across the city.

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