33 militants killed in Waziristan by Army and US drones

ISLAMABAD: Renewed pitched battles erupted around the Taliban stronghold of Sararogha with 28 militants and five soldiers killed in fresh clashes, as US drones, after a brief lull fired missiles targeting a hideout in North Waziristan killing five other insurgents.

Pakistani forces advancing along three fronts on Taliban hubs also faced heavy fire fight as Taliban fighters held them back from overunning their other key stronghold of Ladha in South Waziristan.

Heavy street fighting is reported going on in the town over the past 24 hours. Pakistani forces claimed they had captured the Ladha fort.

Fresh fighting was again reported from Sararogha which the Army claimed to have captured on Tuesday and the five Army soldiers, including an officer were killed in a blast in the town, which was a former operational base of slain Taliban warlord Baitullah Mehsud.

“In last 24 hours, 28 terrorists have been killed while five were apprehended. Security forces losses are five soldiers,” the military said in a statement.

Heavy fighting was also reported in villages between Shakai and Kaniourram, also in South Waziristan where security forces killed seven militants as retaliation for a heavy rocket attack.

As heavy fighting continued in South Waziristan. US drones after a brief lull began targeting militants hitting their hideouts in Naurak village killing five militants.

from: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/world/pakistan/33-militants-killed-in-Waziristan-by-Army-and-US-drones/articleshow/5200310.cms

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