Anarchists Claim Responsibility for Chile Bombing

SANTIAGO – A hitherto unknown anarchist group claimed responsibility Wednesday for a bombing at a bank in the Chilean capital that shattered windows and left a security guard injured.

In an e-mail sent to Bio Bio radio, the Efrain Plaza Olmedo Explosives Band said it was behind Tuesday afternoon’s blast at a branch of Banco de Credito e Inversiones inside a Marriott hotel in Santiago’s affluent Las Condes neighborhood.

“The tranquility of the world being built by defenders and administrators of this order of hunger and servitude has ended,” the group said.

The message also criticized the Marriott’s management for not heeding a telephone warning to evacuate the building, said to have been delivered 15 minutes before the explosion.

Calling the attack a “conscious act, charged with libertarian content,” the group vowed to carry out more bombings.

“Today we bomb this building, tomorrow there will be others. Attacks of this kind will continue, will expand and will intensify,” the e-mail said.

Chile has experienced 101 such bombings since 2004, most of them involving low-power, homemade explosive devices. No one has died in the incidents.

Responsibility for the blasts is usually claimed by anarchists or anti-globalization groups, some of them linked to Chile’s disgruntled Mapuche Indians.

Efrain Plaza Olmedo was an anarchist militant who gunned down two upper-class youths on a Santiago street corner in July 1912. Sentenced to 40 years in prison, he was paroled in 1925 only to be found dead in the capital a few days after his release.

Authorities never determined whether he was murdered or committed suicide. EFE

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