‘Ready for joint counter-insurgency ops with India’

Babina(UP), Oct 26 (PTI) India and the US today concluded the largest-ever army exercise here involving tanks, combat vehicles, anti-tank missiles and UAVs while signalling that the two forces were ready for future joint counter-insurgency and anti-terror operations.

“We will be comfortable going with the Indian Army anywhere, anytime. We want to work together as militaries and ensure peace and stability in the Asia-Pacific region,” US Army Commander (Pacific) Lt Gen Benjamin R Mixon told reporters here.

Asked about the possibility of future joint operations, for example in Afghanistan, he said the Indian government has to take a decision on it.

Indian Army’s Director General (Military Operations) Lt Gen A S Sekhon, nodding in approval, said: “Why not? However, this exercise is not targeting anybody or any nation, or for any specific contingency. We cannot be using this kind of force in peace-keeping operations.

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