10 Sentenced for Shishou City Riots

October 21st
And in mainland China ten people have been sentenced for their role in riots that rocked Shishou City in Hubei Province earlier this year—following the alleged suicide of a hotel worker.

The riots in June were sparked by rumors that 24-year-old Tu Yuangao, a chef at the Shishou Hotel, did not actually commit suicide, but was murdered by the hotel owner—a relative of the city’s mayor. It was said that Tu knew too much about a local drug ring.

Tu’s death and the subsequent riots have since been dubbed the “Shishou Incident.” During the violence, which lasted three days, the Yonglong Hotel was torched, and an estimated 10,000 protestors clashed with riot police.

Tu’s brother and his cousin were among the 10 sentenced on Saturday, with five of them receiving up to five years imprisonment, and five receiving suspended sentences.

Officials had previously told Tu’s family they would not be held accountable for their role in the riots if they agreed to call Tu’s death suicide. The family also received the equivalent of US$11,760 in compensation, according to AFP.

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