Suspected anarchists smash banks, shops in Greece

(AP) — ATHENS, Greece – Greek police say a group of suspected anarchists has rampaged through central Athens, smashing bank branches, bookshops and at least one vehicle.

More than 15 masked youths carrying crowbars and sticks took part in the attack around 1 p.m. (1000 GMT; 6 a.m. EDT) Thursday, a police statement said.

At least four banks, two bookshops and a jeep were damaged, police said. There were no arrests.

Greek anarchist groups frequently attack symbols of wealth and state power, usually setting off small incendiary bombs overnight. The attacks increased after Dec. 2008 riots sparked by the fatal police shooting of an Athens teenager.

Last month, police arrested four suspected members of a similar group, which had escalated its attacks with small time bombs that targeted politicians, without causing any injury.

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