Ready for action State troopers gather in Cullman for riot control training

If you tend to drive over the speed limit, Thursday was not the best day to do so in Cullman.

At least 100 Alabama State Troopers amassed in the city of Cullman to participate in annual riot training classes. The troopers came from mainly the western part of the state — from counties that stretched from Cullman to Tuscaloosa.

Thursday was the second time the training had been held in Cullman.

“Cullman is good because it is a central location for north Alabama,” said Trooper Public Information Officer Curtis Summerville, who spoke on behalf of the troopers at the training exercise.

During the training, which was conducted at the Cullman Fairgrounds, troopers used billy clubs and other equipment and practiced basic riot suppression maneuvers.

Summerville said the troopers involved in the training were part of the department’s safety operations team, and would be sent out to anywhere in the state where a riot is or might occur.

“Or they could be sent out because there may be a situation that calls for crowd control,” Summerville said.

Summerville noted that many of the troopers training Thursday would be sent to Perry County to oversee a large festival taking place there next week.

“Thousands of folks are there each year,” Summerville said. “But we’re not sending troopers there thinking something is going to happen. They will be there just in case there is any trouble.”

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