Eight injured as street violence erupts in local fiesta in Basque Country

Sep 7
Eight people were arrested in clashes with the Ertzaintza Basque police force in Lekeitio, Vizcaya province, in the early hours of Monday after a number of violent incidents during the town’s local fiesta. It’s understood that seven people were injured, including a police officer.

The violence escalated after a group of radicals began shouting out insults at officers inside the police station, with others joining in the crowd as police tried to disperse the group, who found themselves forced to open fire with rubber bullets. A number of rubbish containers were set alight, and damage was caused to banks and insurance offices.

Rapid action by fire crews managed to prevent any serious damage to the PNV Basque Nationalist Party’s offices in the town which some amongst the crowd had tried to set alight.

The street violence came during the Lekeitio’s traditional day of the goose – the Antzar Aguna – when locals attempt to cross a stretch of water hanging by their arms from the neck of a goose suspended on a pulley across the port. It’s understood the geese used today are either already dead or artificial.

Europa Press reports that some of the boats used in the Antzar Aguna were seen displaying photos of ETA prisoners or flags in their support. There were also 2 ETA posters displayed in the port.

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