East Street homeowners blockade heavy equipment

City officials are investigating the complaints of Coniston homeowners who temporarily shut down a construction site this week out of frustration with the alleged negligence of a contractor hired by the municipality.

“We’ve got two sides of a story to investigate,” said Bruce Drake, the city’s risk management and insurance officer.

“All of these things are allegations of negligence against the contractor,” Drake said.

Police and city officials were called to East Street in Coniston early Wednesday morning, after residents used personal vehicles to blockade a contractor’s construction equipment.

The residents voluntarily removed their vehicles later in the morning, but their protest stopped work for about four hours.

The contractor, Lacroix Construction, has been hired by the city to replace a water main and repair sanitary sewer pipes along East Street.

Given the layout of the narrow street and the road’s proximity to neighbourhood homes, the work required the contractor to dig up private yards and driveways.

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