County inmates charged in jail riot

August 21
Eight Cache County jail inmates were charged with rioting and destruction of jail property Tuesday after stuffing shreds of clothing into their toilets to flood their own jail cells last week, Sheriff’s officials say.

Sheriff’s Lt. Brian Locke said that on Aug. 10 several inmates planned and organized the act and then were uncooperative with jail staff when officials discovered what happened.

“We had a group of inmates decide they were going to flood their cells and cause a disturbance,” said Sheriff’s Lt. Brian Locke. “They plugged their toilets and flooded their cells.”

Locke said the incident has been reviewed by the Cache County Attorney’s Office and that formal charges against the inmates were filed Tuesday.

When jail staff noticed what was happening, they entered cell block B and told the inmates to prepare to be handcuffed and temporarily transferred out of the flooded area.

“There was a group of inmates that refused to comply,” said Locke. “So we called in our SERT team (Sheriff’s Emergency Response Team) to deal with these types of situations.”

Locke said the inmates had no explanation as to why they did the deed.

Rioting incidents aren’t common but do happen at the Sheriff’s complex. Locke said inmates have broken fire sprinklers in their cells to cause flooding in the past. Locke said the jail facility hasn’t experienced a fire yet and that it would be very difficult for an inmate to start one.

Locke said the inmates involved will face internal disciplinary actions in addition to criminal charges for their acts. Privileges, including commissary access, library and television time, may be cut from the inmates, Locke said.

Charges against a ninth inmate are pending.

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