Hermitage residents protest police killing

A family and a community are crying foul following a police shooting in Hermitage, St. Andrew Tuesday night which left a man dead.

The family of Andre Hoilett, 32, and residents of Hermitage took to the streets Wednesday morning to voice their anger over the shooting.

Sandra Daley, the mother of the deceased, had several questions for the police in relation to the circumstances under which her son was killed.

“I know my son was not a gunman and when I go to the police and asked what happened they tell me my son was in a shoot-out. I want to know what kind of shoot out my son was involved with them in because he was shot four times in the head while he was lying on the ground.

“I want justice for mi pickney and don’t tell me bout no shoot-out because it wasn’t no shoot out,” said Ms Daley.

The residents are demanding a proper explanation from the police as they claim Mr. Hoilett was unarmed when he was shot and killed.

When RJR News checked with the August Town Police an officer at the station said Mr. Hoilett was shot shortly after midnight Tuesday during a shoot-out with a joint police team which was on patrol in the area.

The police say a team from the August Town Station and members of the Island Special Constabulary Force were on patrol, when a group of men on Abbott Street fired shots and then ran onto Hans Crescent.

The police gave chase and a shoot out later ensued, he claimed.

When the shooting subsided, it was discovered that one of the men in the group had been shot while the others had escaped.

The police say the injured man also had a nine millimetre pistol in his possession.

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