San Fernando street vendors cry police brutality

San Fernando street vendors have accused the municipal police of waging war against them. During a midday placard demonstration in front San Fernando City Corporation yesterday, the vendors accused the police of brutalising them.

Treasurer of the San Fernando Vendors’ Association Michael Sylvester said while they were waiting for San Fernando Mayor Kenneth Ferguson to relocate them to Mucurapo Street, the city police have set up a task force against them. He said: “We ask the mayor to ask the city police to hold their hand until the vendors pay their money and relocate to Mucurapo Street for five days, and on High Street for one day.”

An official said, however, that they were still trying to finalise arrangements to have the vendors on Mucurapo Street, but street vending is illegal. He said there was a team of officers dealing with street vending, but he was not aware of any accusations of brutality against the vendors. He advised the vendors to make a report of the alleged brutality to any senior officer in the Southern Division.

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