One killed in China steel riot

Thousands of Chinese steel workers rioted at news of a takeover deal, beating one manager to death, a Hong Kong human rights group has said.

About 100 people were hurt in violence in the north-eastern city of Tonghua after workers heard that Jianlong Steel would buy a majority share.

They were reportedly frustrated at financial problems during Jianlong Steel’s temporary control last year.

Jianlong general manager Chen Guojun was beaten to death, the group said.

The Information Centre for Human Rights and Democracy said 30,000 steel workers clashed with riot police on Friday in the north-east province of Jilin.

The centre reported that Mr Chen was paid about three million yuan ($440,000) last year, while Tonghua’s retired workers received as little as 200 yuan a month.

The South China Morning Post quoted a police officer as saying the workers would not allow emergency medical staff to enter the building to help Mr Chen.

The Tonghua workers also reportedly blocked highways and smashed three police vehicles in Tonghua city, the centre said.

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