Czech neo-Nazis protest police oppression

PRAGUE, Czech Republic, July 23 (UPI) — About 40 Czech ultra-right nationalists demonstrated outside a Prague police station in support of 10 suspects detained for promoting Nazism.

Tomas Hulan, a spokesman for Prague police, said members of the ultra-right Autonomous Nationalists protested what they described as “persecution” of the 10 people who were arrested in June after clashes with police, the Ceske Noviny reported Thursday.

The protesters spent 15 minutes outside the police station chanting “Police state” and “Freedom to political prisoners” before marched to Prague’s main Wenceslas Square, Hulan said.

In May and June, ultra nationalists staged a series of demonstrations against Gypsies in towns in the western Czech Republic and in Prague.

Ten members of the neo-Nazi National Resistance are accused of promoting neo-Nazism, racism and xenophobia at 11 concerts they organized since April 2008.

The lyrics of songs performed at the concerts reportedly hailed the German Third Reich, anti-Semitism and racial purity.

If the 10 are convicted, they could face sentences ranging from three years to eight years, the daily said.

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