Warkworth Pen riot results in death

One person is confirmed dead and 13 others are injured as a result of the riot that took place at the Warkworth Penitentiary.

Late Wednesday afternoon prison officials announced the death.

Assistant Warden Ann Anderson wouldn’t comment on where the body was found, but did say it is suspected, but not confirmed, the death is a result of a drug overdose.

Nine other prisoners are in hospital being treated for drug overdose and four others with unrelated medical conditions.

Anderson said in the 32 years she has worked at the prison, nothing even close to this has happened.

What is even more troubling is prison officials have, “No idea what sparked it.”

“There were no demands,” said Anderson. “Not aware of anything that precipitated it.”

The name of the deceased prisoner will be released as soon as next of kin are notified.

Anderson said the riot and death were “very unexpected.”

Though damage is still being assessed, the yard where fires were set is a “mess” and there is a lot of garbage strewn about.

Northumberland OPP along with the Coroner’s office are currently investigating the death.

The remaining inmates have been secured in their cells and the institution will remain on lock down until the Institutional Management Team is assured it is safe to return to a normal routine.

The Correctional Service of Canada will be conducting an internal investigation to determine the cause of the incident, including the in custody death.

“Ensuring the safety and security of our institutions, staff, and the public remains the highest priority in the operations of Correctional Service of Canada,” states a release issued by Anderson.

Warkworth Institution is a medium-security institution which currently houses 568 male offenders.

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