Residents block roads to protest against police killing

12 July 2009
The St. Catherine North Police have cleared the roadblocks mounted by residents of McCooks Pen in St. Catherine early Sunday morning.

The angry residents took to the streets to protest against the killing of Albert Clarke who is also known as ‘Al’ from a section of the community known as Big Lane.

Mr. Clarke was shot and killed about 5:30am by the police.

According to one resident Mr. Clarke was not involved in any shoot-out with the police when the police kicked open the front door to his home and shot him.

“They shot him two times and him run to his grandmother who was in the room and fell on her. The police come in and say ‘Lady you know seh you wicked, you nuh see say the bwoy shot mi wid him gun’ which he never did. ‘Al’ kept hanging on to her and dem drag him out of the house while he kept saying ‘you nuh see say mi nuh have no gun, mi nuh have nuh gun’,” said an alleged witness.

The police have refuted this account of the incident.

According to the Constabulary Communication Network, a police team was conducting an operation in McCooks Pen when Mr. Clarke pointed a firearm at them and they took evasive action and shot him.

The police say Mr. Clarke was taken to hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Investigators say a Taurus revolver with two rounds was taken from him.

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