Mohammad Benmouna’s Death in Custody: The Bourgeoisie Confirms Suicide (rough translation)

Mohammad Benmouna died Wednesday after an attempted suicide while in custody at the Commisariat of Chambon-Feugerolles. (Near Saint-Étienne in the Loire) “Unfortunately”, the “attempted suicide” escaped the vigilance of the police officers who “unfortunately” found the drama too late. “Unfortunately”, the cameras malfunctioned and the images are unusable. “Unfortunately”, Mohammed Benmounia, who was not suicidal, was suddenly taken by a fit of panic over the dilapidated state of his cell. So he made a rope with strings from his mattress…

That is the information divulged after the filtering of the bourgeoisie, and the proletarians are requested not to ask too many questions. The proletarians should forget their lifetime of experience with the police, their arrogance, their “virile” composure and posture,  (hands on hips, chin raised, a condescending tone…) their insinuations, their harassment and brutality. In short, the proletarians are asked to forget that capitalism is an enormous lie persistently beaten into the masses in order to force them to live in a world that is not theirs, but that of the exploiting bourgeois class.

The proletarians are also requested not to disturb the petty-bourgeois “left” by attacking the Restaurants du Cœur, the employment offices, the symbols of bourgeois charity and “moral” capitalist oppression, and “integration-by-employment”, which consists of putting away one’s dignity to obey the caprices of the bourgeoisie. (The hours of waiting, the bogus questionnaires, the infantile convocations)

Above all, the proletarians are requested not to alarm the bourgeoisie, who already appear to be very perturbed. “Today, some are no longer afraid to hurt a policeman”, explains Jean-Michel Marchienne, regional delegate of the Unité-Police union. Moreover, the bourgeoisie hides their nervousness by diversion: a year and a half after the revolt of Villiers-le-Bel in November 2007, the police, confronted with the “law of silence in the cities,” complained of having difficulty in restoring the bourgeois order. The proletarians are urged to cooperate more with the instruments of repression of the bourgeois State.

And of course, the proletarians are requested not to realize that the revolution and communism are the only ways out of the criminal oppression of capitalism, which has made a new victim Monday at Chambon-Feugerolles.

From Contre-Informations (translated by Signalfire)

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