Riot in Hamburg

Hamburg street festival ends with riot

Anarchists from Hamburg’s autonomous scene battled police for six hours late Saturday and early Sunday in the trendy Schanzenviertel neighbourhood after a street fair. At least 67 rioters were arrested and 27 police officers injured.

Over 10,000 visitors visited the Schanzenfest street fair, but once it turned dark, over 1,000 young, masked anarchists came out to do battle, police said. The rioters threw bottles, stones and fireworks at police.

“The fusillade was extremely massive,” police spokesman Ralf Meyer told the daily Hamburger Abendblatt, who said the anarchists were more aggressive than in past years. For years, the Schanzenfest has often concluded with clashes between police and the left-wing, anti-fascist Autonomen, or “Black Bloc.”

Over 1,800 police officers were on duty at the event and deployed water cannons and riot sticks against the rioters. Many of the rioters were injured, though no specific numbers were available.

One police vehicle was torched by rioters, who also ignited trash cans and street barriers.
Two of the arrested rioters traveled to Hamburg from Berlin to take part. They were taken into custody after pulling out a backpack that contained a timing device that looked like it could set off explosives.

Police around Germany have warned in recent months that the ultra-left-wing anarchist scene appears to be becoming more violent. On June 21, thousands of anarchists tried to forcibly occupy Berlin’s Tempelhof airport. Police said rioters at this year’s annual May 1 riots in Berlin used Molotov cocktails against police, an escalation from recent years.

BERLIN (Reuters) – Around a thousand demonstrators threw stones and bottles at police after a riot broke out in Hamburg Saturday night and stretched into the early hours of Sunday, a police spokesman said.

The spokesman said 27 policemen were injured during the violence, which followed a street fair, and 67 rioters were arrested. The number of injured demonstrators was not yet known.

Around 1,800 police were on duty at the event and used water canons and truncheons in the standoff with the rioters who erected barricades and set a police vehicle on fire.

Authorities said some 5,000 people had come earlier in the day to the “Schanzenfest” street fair, which has often led to clashes between rioters and the police in Germany’s second city.

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