Italy: Arrests for “hook claws”

Italy: Arrests for “hook claws”
july 3
Today at 5 in the morning, the Italian Carabinieri ( “Section Anti-Terrorism ROS) arrested two activists on a bridge, who are accused of having planned an attack with a claw hook against the line Viterbo – Ancona . In the press, they were identified as “anarchists” . At least 37 others are being investigated as part of an “anarcho-insurrectionist association” . apparently 40 other searches have occurred throughout the country, incriminating material was found in the car of the two arrested, including hook claws. it is possible both were under previous surveillance. they are now accused of “subversive association”, and “serious interference in the security of transportation with the aim of terrorism”.

Only a few weeks ago (on 11 June) a special unit of the DIGOS political police arrested six persons, who are accused of planning an attack with model airplanes on the G8, and to have attempted the reconstitution of the Red Brigades. As “evidence” 30 year old,rusty guns,buried in gardens,were presented.
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