Operation against anarchists in Italy:

Rome, 3 Jul. Two anarchists have been arrested by the Carabinieri Special Operations Task Force. The anarchists were allegedly planning an attack on the electrical cables of the Orte-Ancona railway line. They planned to use homemade iron couplers that would have been put on electrical cables of the railway line. When the first train passed, the couplers would have severed the electrical cables. The plan was uncovered by a Carabinieri police patrol. Material which has now been seized was found in the anarchists car, which they had stolen.



Rome – Italian anti-terrorist police arrested two alleged anarchists early on Friday as they were about to sabotage a railway line in the north-east of the country, a spokesperson said.

The official said the pair were caught on a bridge over the line between Orte and Ancona in a stolen car which contained home-made metal grapnels.

They were intending to throw the grapnels across the overhead electric wires, causing a short-circuit, he said.

Following the arrests police mounted about 40 raids on sympathisers of the group to which the two belonged and charged 37 people with “subversive association.”

Italian police are on full alert ahead of the G8 summit taking place in central Italy from July 8-10 which will be attended by 39 foreign heads of state and government.

Six people have been arrested in recent weeks on suspicion of planning an attack on the G8.


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