Europe’s economic crisis and parliamentary election in Greece-Basanta



A parliamentary election took place in a European country, Greece, on January 25, 2015. It was a mid-term poll taken place after about two and a half years of the previous election held in 2012. None of the parties that had contested election could secure majority in that election, nor could any party garner support of another party to form the majority alliance. Syriza, a political party, which is known as a “coalition of the radical left” has become the largest parliamentarian party in the election held this year by securing 149 seats out of total 300. It has formed a coalition government under the leadership of Alexis Tsipras, a Syriza party leader, by having alliance with a rightist independent party that has secured 13 parliamentary seats in the present election. The parliamentary election in a country and the formation of government by a certain party is at large a normal political phenomenon.

Thus, it is not an issue which attaches so much of importance for us. Nevertheless, when this result is viewed in the broad context of severe economic crisis in Greece, the situation of entire Europe entrapped by this crisis, German imperialist’s plans to “defer” it, the result of election and positive and negative impact it can impart to other countries etc., it turns to be a matter of serious concern for the world imperialist system in general and the European Union in particular. On the other, the questions like: up to which point will the party Syriza that has stood now against the neo-liberal economic policies imposed by imperialism take this movement and how will it influence others has drawn attraction of the patriotic and the communist forces all across the world.

An attempt has been made in this article to study the questions related to it. The prevailing economic crisis in Greece, which is situated in the weakest link of European Union, is the main reason behind this situation to happen. As an obvious result of the neo-liberal economic policy of imperialism, a serious economic crisis had erupted in most of the capitalist countries of the world from 2008. Of the western countries, mainly the US and Europe were the most sufferers from this crisis. Apart from Germany, almost all of the countries in Europe did not remain unaffected from this disaster. The countries like, Greece, Portugal, Cyprus, Spain and Italy were the most sufferers in Europe. Thanks to this crisis, the economy of first four countries mentioned above were so damaged that it was not possible to “save” them without external support. In order to “defer” the economic crisis that could erupt suddenly all across Europe, the European Union led by Germany had even established an “emergency bailout” fund equalling 700 billion Euros in 2010. Greek government had in total received 240 billion Euros in 2012 as a “bailout loan” to “rescue” the critical Greek economy.

In return, Greece had to abide by the austerity measures put forward by European Central Bank, European Union and the International Monetary Fund (Troika). The conditions were: they had to decrease workers’ pay, pension, social security allowance and treatment facility but increase labours’ working hour and income tax and so on. The then Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras agreed the “bailout loan” by signing on the anti-people measures said before. In the pretext of “deferring” the economic crisis in Europe, the measures which were brought in under the design of world imperialism and planned by European Union are anti-people measures. The government of Greece could make use of only 5% of the “bailout loan” in their own, while the rest was taken away by the old lenders as repayment. In fact, it was not to rescue Greece from the crisis but an economic plan prepared by troika to make Greece pay the loan back to the old lenders.

By so doing, the troika made Greece a first guinea pig in Europe to test the neo-liberal model set by the world imperialism. There was no possibility that this model could defer the economic crisis, rather it invited a more terrible result. While arriving here, the economic crisis in Greece has started to be manifested in overall social and the political crisis. Like for example, after the “bailout loan” and “austerity measures” were enforced in Greece the unemployment rate elevated from previous 7% to 26%, 60% of the youths turned unemployed, the pension and the social security allowance were dropped by 25%, the poverty rate increased from 23% to 40.5%, the events of suicide raised up so high that people stopped talking about it, the psychology of pessimism and helplessness spread all across the country, the total loan which was 125% of GDP in 2010 elevated to 175% of the GDP at the end of 2014 and so on. In fact, it is not merely a situation of common economic crisis but of a widespread social crisis and a terrible situation wherein the whole country has reached to the threshold of bankruptcy.

On account of this situation, both the imperialism and world proletariat have now centred their attention on the condition of Greece. In the later period, Syriza has become a major political force that has been leading struggle against the neo-liberal policies imposed by troika. This is a loose type of coalition formed of many patriotic parties and organisations like: green party, Euro-sceptic parties, euro-communist parties, Trotskyite communist parties and also the Communist Organisation of Greece (KOE) that upholds Marxism-Leninism and Mao Tsetung thought as its guiding ideology. It was founded in 2004 and organised its first congress in 2013. Most of its constituents do not have independent existence now. It is neither a coalition of different parties developed as a united front nor is it a communist party that runs on the basis of democratic centralism. We still have to have in-depth study of its organisational principle and structure. Whatever it is, it has been established among the people as a major patriotic force that stands against colonial oppression imposed upon Greece by the European Union and mainly German imperialism.

A big section of patriotic and revolutionary people in Greece has supported this alliance because it has opposed the anti-people austerity measures imposed by troika. After the eruption of crisis in 2008, Syriza has been carrying out many militant struggles against the economic and social disaster that has resulted in Greece due to “bailout loan” and “austerity measures” enforced by troika. It is not an average achievement for this coalition to attain the political power by defeating the agents of imperialism in a short period of only 10 years. Of course, it is the result of conscious rebellion of the patriotic and revolutionary Greek people against the anti-people policies imposed by troika in the past. Syriza has now led the patriotic movement against the anti-people measures let loose by troika. At the time of election, Syriza had made promises that it would bring the fiscal monopoly of Euro to an end, renegotiate troika’s austerity measures with the lender institutions and provide opportunities of employment by developing national economy in Greece. After the election result has been public, people think that the Syriza government has arrived at such a responsible position where from it can now set the Greek people free from the on-going crisis by materialising those promises.

They expect respite from this government, because they understand that the slogans Syriza had propagated at the time of election have now become slogans to put into action by Tsipras government. On the other, as a result of neo-liberal policy of troika, the economic crisis in various countries of Europe, not in Greece only, has been worsening. And people in those countries have been agitating against it. In the pretext of liberating country and the people, the agents of imperialism have been furthering crisis by imposing the package of austerity measures upon the dispossessed ones. And on the other the role played by traditional labour organisations has created disgust among the workers. As an alternative to all these, the formation of anti-establishment parties like Syriza is in the rise all over Europe. The organisations like: PODEMOS, a left party in Spain, Scotland National Party and Five Star Movement in Italy are its examples. All of these parties clash with the monopoly of Euro and troika. That is, the parties like Syriza in Greece have come forward to lead the people in the anti-imperialist movement in many countries of Europe. In Madrid, the capital city of Spain, tens of thousands of people had enthusiastically turned up in the election rally organised on January 31, 2015 by PODEMOS.

Thus, a strong political wind against troika is blowing in Europe now. And, there is a kind of political terror all across Europe including in England, because the ghost of Syriza is chasing the political parties and organisations supportive of European Union. David Cameron, the British Prime Minister, seems afraid of the possible victory of labour party in the upcoming election of England. In the days ahead, the polarisation between two streams, one, a neo-liberal stream led by troika and two, an anti-troika stream formed of Syriza and the likes, seems to sharpen further in Europe. In fact it is the manifestation of sharpening of the contradiction between imperialism and proletarian revolution. This contradiction is now coming up on the surface in Europe and smouldering in the bourgeois society all across the world. All this shows that the objective situation for proletarian revolution is getting favourable all over the world in general and Europe in particular. Without a doubt, the European Union will further increase its intervention to suppress the anti-troika voice, a big challenge for the imperialist system at present. Evidently, it will go on tightening its encirclement upon Syriza government to force it implement austerity measures and the neo-liberal economic policies as well. At that time, Syriza government will have only two options, first: break the imperialist encirclement and stand by the people or second: get allured in sweet words of imperialism and forget the promises made with them.

Which course will Syriza follow, is not decided by its subjective wish. Rather, it is decided by the ideological and political line it adopts. It has already been clear that Syriza is not a communist party built upon the ideological foundation of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism and it is not a united front formed under the leadership of a genuine communist party either. Therefore, the government led by Syriza does not have any ideological and political strength to fight imperialism till the last. The European Union, which knows it well, will work hard to use the government against people by intimidation of force or enticement of sweet words whichever works for them well. Generally speaking, Syriza and the Tsipras government don’t opt to be a pawn of European Union but their subjective wish does not decide on what they need to do. It is almost sure that the agreement they want to reach will not be in the favour of Greece and Greek people because their policy is to renegotiate the austerity measures with imperialism. It will ultimately make them stand by European Union led by Germany. This is the first possibility. It will mean to establish imperialist hegemony once again in Greece through Syriza and Tsipras.

It is not in favour of Greece, Greek people, Syriza party and Tsipras government. Not to kneel down before imperialism but to stand by Greece and Greek people at any cost will be in the interest of Syriza and Tsipras as well. On the other, in case imperialism fails by any means to make Syriza and Tsipras kneel down it will tighten its political encirclement, impose economic sanctions, break up the coalition and ultimately establish a puppet government by incorporating its diehard agents. As a consequence, it will further jeopardise the national independence of Greece and the Greek people will be forced to live a difficult life than now. This is the second possibility. Of the two possibilities said before, none of them is in favour of Greece and Greek people. However, the first possibility is more deadly. Not only for Greece and the Greek people, it will neither be in favour of Syriza nor the government led by it. It spreads pessimism among the people and destroys anti-imperialist movement in Greece for long. We are ourselves a witness that the loss inflicted by the betrayal of leadership has become several times shocking and deadly than the loss incurred by the oppression of enemy. Therefore, if one has to make a choice between these two, the second possibility is in favour of the country and people.

Because, the possibility of waging and developing movement to defend national independence and ensure the people’s democratic right and people’s livelihood remains more with the second option. In the given situation, the movement in Greece may go a little farther but it cannot defeat imperialism because it lacks a clear ideological and political line and a genuine communist party to lead it. So, it is almost sure that the problems of national independence, democracy and people’s livelihood in Greece will further deteriorate in the days ahead and the Greece will fall in the vortex of additional crisis. It is true not only for Greece but all the movements against troika that have started coming up in the countries like Spain, Portugal, Italy and Cyprus as well.

In the present era of imperialism and proletarian revolution, the political party that can fight imperialism till the end is a communist party built under the ideological guidance of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism. It has already been mentioned that the public opinion is getting polarised for and against austerity measures all across Europe. The polarisation, in which imperialism and their agents have stood at one pole and patriotic and the working people at the other, is rapid. The main political reason behind this polarisation is the result of intensification of two contradictions in Europe: one, the contradiction between European Union at one pole and oppressed nations and people on the other and two, the contradiction between capital and labour in the countries of Europe. In addition to this, the world is getting polarised and the inter-imperialist contradiction is sharpening. It is also playing indirectly a role in the polarisation going on in Europe now. All this leads to a conclusion that the polarisation in Europe at present is the result of intensification of all the international basic contradictions in that continent. It shows the objective situation in Europe is getting favourable for proletarian revolution to advance.

After the collapse of social imperialism in Russia and mainly after the fall of Berlin Wall in Germany, the slogans like “Marxism has failed”, “Communism turned futile” and “Capitalism is inevitable” etc. used to be rampantly chanted all across Europe. But, now the slogans like, down with imperialism, down with neo-liberalism, long live communist party, long live socialism, long live proletarian internationalism etc. have started reverberating in the streets of European cities. In fact, it has once again brought to surface that the failure of capitalism has caused the socialism to come forward as its substitute. It is not simply a coincidence that the slogans like long live socialism have started reverberating now in Europe, which was once a centre of the socialist revolution. It can easily be presumed that the essence of socialist revolution is hidden inside the current wave of anti-imperialist movement in Europe.

Long term solution of the crises and the contradictions that have surfaced all across Europe in these days is not and cannot be any parliamentary election nor can it be a “pro-people government” nor a “revolutionary opposition” elected by it. Only the proletarian revolution under the leadership of a Communist Party guided by Marxism-Leninism-Maoism can bring all sorts of reactions including imperialism to an end and thereby solve all the contradictions the imperialist world order has created. So the present necessity has been to develop class struggle and national liberation movement in a planned way.

It has to be done with a strategy of proletarian revolution where the MLM parties exist and take up the task of building a communist party in the countries where it does not. Therefore, the revolutionary communists in Europe including Greece should lay emphasis on building a communist party equipped with MLM and developing struggle for socialism than being engaged in building a “pro-people government” or a “revolutionary opposition” by way of parliamentary election. This is the one and only one way that can liberate forever the oppressed nations and people from the exploitation and plunder carried out by imperialist world order and the capitalist mode of production all over the world including in Greece.

February 9, 2015



The Chinese Communist party led by Chairman Mao Tsetung is waging anti-Lin Piao anti-Confucius great struggle. Huge workers-peasants-soldiers and revolutionary intellectuals are taking part in that struggle. The anti-Lin Piao anti Confucius struggle played big role in repulsing the conspiracy of capturing power of China by the revisionist and capitalist roaders, restoration of capitalism in Socialist China by them, establishing bourgeoisie dictatorship via overthrow of proletarian dictatorship and transforming China into plundering field of Social Imperialism and Imperialism. One of the reactionary, fraud, saboteur, clique, traitor and double dealer in Chinese history Lin Piao took Confucianism as ideological weapon of capturing power and restoring capitalism by him. In the history of the Chinese Communist Party, Wang Ming-Liu Chao Chi etc renegade traitors also had taken Confucianism to oppose Marxism-Leninism.

The double dealer fraud Lin Piao would never talk without chanting Long Live Mao Tsetung and would never go outside without quotation in hand. He followed the blind path of Wang Ming-Liu Chao Chi. In class society, either Marxist ideology or reactionary ideology has to be taken. There is no middle way. This is why we see in history of Communist Movement, the revisionist Bernstein, Kautsky, Khrushchev, Togliatti, Brezhnev took bourgeoisie ideology in the name of Marxism and are opposing Marxism by that. Lin Piao, in order to oppose Marxism, like the revisionist reactionaries of China and world, took Chinese reactionary ideology Confucianism.

This is why the anti Lin Piao struggle is connected with the anti-reactionary ideology of Lin Piao—the Confucianism. If that ideological struggle is deducted, the anti-Lin Piao struggle will remain incomplete and the soul of that struggle will be deducted. This is the reason why anti Confucian struggle has been added to anti-Lin Piao struggle in China. Confucius was alive about two thousand years before. Chinese society was going through huge change during that time. Slave society in China was breaking down and feudalist society was being established. Confucius propagated on behalf of restoration of slave society and opposed the then progressive social system—feudalism.

He tried to restore slave society via restoring ritual, the eliminated lineage and post. Of course, Confucius failed to resist the motion of society. Feudalist social system was established in China. When progressive role of the owner of the feudalist social system ended, they took Confucianism to sustain feudalism and suppress peasants. During the time of infiltration of capitalism in China, the imperialism and its collaborator the bureaucratic capitalists took Confucianism to suppress people of China.

The class basis of Lin Piao was bureaucratic capitalism and feudalism. He was not free from that ideology too. In order to oppose Marxism, Socialism and Communism, he too took this reactionary ideology and existed inside party as a hidden traitor and waited for an opportune time to seize party and state power. Lin Piao, by putting forward the reactionary ‘Restrain and restore ritual’ theory of Confucius, conspired to capture power in the second meeting of the Ninth Central Committee. He said, as there is state now, so there must be President. That means he tried to be president of China. It is practice that makes genius. Lin piao denied historical material truth that not individual but people alone is the fundamental motive force of social development; he propagated Confucian idealist theory of inborn genius, individual is the reason behind social change etc and put forward himself and his family as genius great men.

Thus, he conspired to create public opinion in favor of seizure of power and establish Lin dynasty. Lin used to think that the workers, peasants and masses will only think about rice and bread while intellectuals will be bossing over them. He marked the great process of intellectuals’ going to village and their transformation into proletarians via their merger with workers and peasants as (..Script unclear—Sarbaharapath) and opposed that. Lin Piao, by copying the centrist theory of Confucius, during the cultural revolution opposed it by saying that it had left deviation. Chairman Mao said, ‘If you want to correct an error, you have to cross the general borderline’. It is not permissible to adopt centrism in struggle against reactionaries. We must firmly be on the side of workers, peasants, and masses and strictly carry dictatorship over reactionaries. Lin Piao used to propagate Confucian theory of charity and obedience.

He used to say about charity but on the other side he used to hate proletariat and its great leader chairman Mao. By making ‘Outline of the Project 571’, he conspired to kill Chairman Mao. His charity was for reactionary, feudal, bureaucratic bourgeoisie, social imperialists and imperialists. The obedience theory of Lin Piao was the theory of obedience to Lin and is dynasty, obedience to Chinese reactionaries, obedience of women and children to their husband-parents and clan, not obedience to proletarian class, Chairman Mao, people and Marxism. The aim of all the theory of Lin Piao was to sustain power of revisionist bourgeoisie reactionaries, capture of power by them, take shelter on the lap of the Soviet revisionists and make China a Soviet colony. The struggle against Lin Piao and Confucius and his apprentice Mensus is a great struggle against the reactionary revisionist ideology of the superstructure of China.

By that struggle, public opinion will be created on behalf of overthrow of the seizure of the parts of superstructure by the revisionist bourgeoisie and they will be overthrown. It will strengthen proletarian dictatorship. This struggle will make ideological development of people. They will be armed with advance thinking of proletariat. By being material force, it will accelerate the transformation of society and world. So, it will increase production in China and hasten the development of productive force.

The struggle against Lin Piao and Confucius is very much significant for South East Asia and world. Confucius has influence in Korea, Vietnam etc countries. This struggle of China will help eliminating that influence. This is a great victory in anti-modern revisionism struggle of the world. This struggle has smashed the colorful dream of Soviet Social Imperialism led modern revisionists and US led imperialists and reactionaries to restore capitalism in China and carry exploitation and plunder. This is great victory of world revolution. This great struggle of China will work as an example in East Bengal in resisting capture of power by different forms of revisionism and unchanged bourgeoisie representatives inside party.

Peoples War in India Clippings 1/3/2015


Meteoric rise of two Maoists poses new challenge for security forces

Rise of tribal leader, Ambedkar kin in Maoist ranks The meteoric rise in the Maoist ranks of two leaders, one tribal and the other Dalit, may force the government’s anti-Maoist think-tanks to do a rethink on their strategies. Hidama, 35, a tribal from Sukma district of Chhattisgarh, has made it to the Dand Karanya Special Zonal Committee of the CPI (Maoist) in a short span of time, sending positive signals across the tribals working in the Maoist organisation. Milind Teltumbde, 49, known as Sahyadri, has recently made it to the Central Committee of the CPI (Maoist). Milind, a Dalit, hails from Wani town in Chandrapur. Incidentally, he is a kin of B.R. Ambedkar. Known for his cool mind and military planning, Hidama heads the Maoist military battalion no.1.

He has played an important role in some of the biggest attacks on security forces in Sukma, including the 2010 killing of 76 CRPF men at Tadmetla or the killing of 14 CRPF men at Kasalpara last year. On the other hand, Milind is known for his intellect. “Suvez Haque, an upright police officer, had inflicted huge setbacks on the Maoists in Gadchiroli of Maharashtra in the last two years. But once Mr. Haque was transferred out of Gadchiroli, Milind has rebuilt the party organisation in a very short span of time,” a party insider told The Hindu. Official sources said there is a strong possibility of these two leaders posing a big challenge to the Indian state. “The Maoists can also shed their image of being an Andhra-dominated party using these two leaders,” said the sources.

There are frequent reports of “infighting” between the tribal workers of the CPI (Maoist) and its Andhra-dominated leadership, but Maoists have called them “a tactic” by the government as part of its low-intensity conflict. The government which looked at it as an opportunity to foster divisions in the Maoist organisations may be forced to rethink its strategy because of Hidma and Milind. “But that will depend on how the Maoists treat them. Milind has been made a CC member, but his promotion will have to be ratified by a party congress. The same applies to Hidama. It depends on how the party’s senior leadership grooms both of them,” said a senior police officer involved in anti-Maoist operations in Chhattisgarh.

Anti-Naxal ops: Govt hires two private choppers for military sorties

New Delhi: The government has hired two helicopters from a private firm to provide air support to security forces deployed in the jungles of Chhattisgarh and its border areas which are hotbeds of Maoist activities. The much-awaited deployment of these air assets has come after more than a year of hectic efforts to find more helicopters for troops tackling Left-wing extremism (LWE). CRPF has inked the deal for leasing two private choppers which will not only carry troops for reinforcements but also evacuate battle causalities and supply arms and rations.

A team of two Bell choppers has been based at Jagdalpur in the Bastar region of Chhattisgarh, which is among the worst Naxal violence-affected areas, for operations under the command of the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF), the lead force for combating the LWE challenge. “Two private choppers have been hired on contract for aiding the forces in anti-Naxal operations. The flying machines have begun operations and will be based in south Bastar,” a senior officer said.

‘Maoist offences under control currently in A.P.’

Four companies of Central paramilitary forces are being used to contain Maoists in Andhra Pradesh along the borders of Chhattisgarh and Orissa States, said AP Deputy Chief Minister Chinarajappa on Saturday. Interacting with media persons at AP Secretariat here, the Deputy Chief Minister holding the portfolio of Home said the State relied on Central assistance to thwart insurgence of Maoists from Chhattisgarh and Orissa into AP following bifurcation of the latter. The strength of the AP police dwindled after carving out of Telangana State and withdrawal of policemen from some areas by the Telangana government.

“These areas being close to Chhattisgarh and Orissa where Maoists are active, possibility of they attempting to regroup naturally increased,” said a police officer from A.P. seeking anonymity. Members of the paramilitary forces were deployed at strategic locations. They were being moved in the districts of East Godavari, Srikakulam, Vizianagaram and Visakhapatnam to check movement of Maoists. Stating that offences dipped in A.P. during the regime of the present government, Mr. Chinarajappa said there was shortage of 14,000 policemen in the lower rung in the State. “We are planning to recruit at least 50 per cent of the required strength at the earliest though the budgetary constraints are there,” he said.

Bangladesh: Statement against the arrest of activists of Gonomuktir Ganer Dol and Lamppost


February 27, 2015


On February 21, 2015 at night, state sponsored terrorist force arrested the Drama editor Nahid Sultana Lisa, music editor Farhana Haq Shaama, and member Mahbub hassan of the Gonomuktir Ganer dol and the editor and member of the little magazine Lamppost respectively, without any allegation and warrant while they were returning to their residence after attending a death anniversary program at the Teachers Student Center (TSC) of Dhaka University of the eminent journalist and the founder President of Gonomuktir Ganer dol, Foyej Ahmed on February 20, 2015.

At the Ramna Police Station, they have been subjected to inhuman and degrading treatment overnight. After a day of detention, Police produces them to the court demanding five days remand. The court refused bail and rimand and sent them to the jail permitting interogation at jail gate. We condemn the fascist treatment of the state and urge all the teachers-students-intellectuals,cultural and democratic personnel to involve themselves in the struggle for establishing a new democratic state for the peasants, the workers and the working class people by the abolishment of this fascist state.

Lal salam

Ashish Corraya

General secretary & Editor

Gonomuktir Ganer Dol

Encounter Killings in Bangladesh-2015


January 19

Jhenidah District

Police recovered the body of Nasir Uddin (45), a ‘regional commander’ of PBCP-Janajuddha from a field at Mohonpur village of Jhenidah District.

February 17

Jhenidah District

Rafique Uddin alias Chhoto Tareque (40), a regional leader of PBCP-Janajuddah was killed by the RAB. RAB recovered four pistols, two shutter guns, 10 bullets and six petrol bombs from the spot.

Organizer of Pichanki movement against Pluspetrol arrested in Lima



Arrest by DIRCOTE. Alleged to have ties with the armed group in the VRAE.






Almost all the districts of East Bengal have suffered in recent flood. People, cattle, food grains, houses and possessions are damaged. People’s life and livelihood are seriously affected by the flood in rainy season, drought in dry season and increasing price hike of food grains. People want immediate salvation from those problems and want to live peacefully with having enough food and clothes. The flood, drought and food problems of East Bengal are related to occupiers of state power of Bangladesh. At present, the state power of East Bengal is in the hands of the Awami traitors, the representatives of Indian Expansionism, Social Imperialism, Bureaucratic Capitalism and Feudalism.

Peasants-workers-masses of East Bengal have fallen in extreme financial crisis by their exploitation- plunder and repression. In order to make flood control, prevent drought and solve food problem, masses of people need to be utilized based on their own initiative. But the relation between people and government is of exploitation- plunder-repression. This is why it is not possible for this government to mobilize and utilize them. Moreover, the Indian Expansionism is imposing their country flood, and during the dry season, they are creating drought in East Bengal by blocking and reserving water by Farakka Barrage. The Bangladesh puppet government is making no opposition to its master Indian Expansionism’s such anti-East Bengal activities. Peasants are demoralized in production due to the ruthless exploitation by Bureaucratic Capital, Feudalism, Indian Expansionism, Social Imperialism and Imperialism. Food problem has further worsened by black-marketing, smuggling to India, Mahajani (Usury), Mojudari (Stocking of goods to make extreme profit when people are not getting those — Sarbaharapath).

So, flood-drought and food problems of East Bengal can be solved by overthrowing anti-people traitor government of East Bengal and establishing a people’s government. We have to establish government of workers-peasants and patriots, overthrow the Indian Expansionism, Social Imperialism, Imperialism and Bureaucratic Capitalism and Feudalism and establish state power of Workers, peasants and people. So, people themselves will be the owner of the state. Being mobilized and connected to specialists, they will work voluntarily to make dams, ponds, control flood via digging canal-river, solve drought problem and solve food problem via establishing commune. India must be compelled to obey the international rules and regulations regarding Farrakka problem and flood problem of India. Thus, people of China and Vietnam, by establishing People’s Government, themselves have solved flood, drought and food problems on the basis of self-reliance.

In the same path, we shall be able to solve flood, drought and food problems. The Moni-Mojaffar revisionist traitors do not recognize the truth that the basic reason behind flood, drought and food problem is the seizure of power of East Bengal by the representatives of Indian Expansionism, Soviet Social Imperialism, US led Imperialism and East Bengal Bureaucratic Capitalism and Feudalism and their unprecedented exploitation and plunder. By not giving revolutionary program to overthrow the above mentioned reactionaries and establishing seizure of power by people to solve the problem, the Moni-Mojaffar revisionist traitors are carrying mere reformist activities and tailing behind the Awami fascists. Therefore, the flood, drought and food problem of East Bengal can be solved by overthrowing present government and establishing proletarian class led people’s government.

Peoples War in India Clippings 27/2/2015


Naxals taking up issues unnoticed by mainstream political organizations to incite violence: DGP tells HC

KOCHI: Naxal activists in the state are taking up issues faced by people that haven’t caught the attention of mainstream political organizations and are using them to unleash violence, director general of prosecution (DGP) T Asaf Ali told the Kerala High Court on Thursday. The DGP was opposing bail pleas filed by Thushar Nirmal Sarathy and Jaison Cooper, who are allegedly involved in the attack on NHAI office in Kochi. After taking up people’s issues, the naxal activists raise slogans that would attract the public and then take law into their hands.

This is detrimental to the larger safety of the people in the country, the DGP contended while opposing the bail pleas. The organization in which the petitioners were working, called ‘Janakeeya Manushyavakasa Prasthanam’, is a frontal organization of naxal activities in the state, the DGP told the court. If the documents seized from the activists are inspected, it can be understood that it is a frontal organization, the DGP submitted. Mere membership in such an organization is an offence as per section 10 of Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act (UAPA) of 1967. The term ‘membership’ includes attending a meeting, signing the minutes of the meeting, taking a decision, etc, the DGP argued.

Seven Maoist cadres held in Chhattisgarh’s Sukma district

Seven Maoists, including two women, were today arrested from Chhattisgarh’s insurgency-hit Sukma district here. The Maoist cadres were apprehended from separate places of the densely forested Gadiras police station limits this evening, Sukma Additional Superintendent of Police (ASP) Santosh Singh told PTI. Based on specific inputs about the presence of the Maoists, a police team raided different villages in Gadiras region, located around 400 km away from the state capital and rounded up them, the ASP said. All of them were involved in an incident of firing at a police camp and looting polling materials during the recent panchayat polls in the region, the ASP said, adding, that they are being interrogated.

Police arrest UG cadres during search operations

..It further said, on the same day, a team of District Police Commando, Imphal West conducted frisking and checking at Khuyathong Pukhri Mapal, Imphal and arrested an active member of KCP (Maoist) organisation. The arrested person has been identified as Kongkham Romesh Singh, 42, son of (L) K Kameshwor Singh Singh of Keishampat Kangabam Leikai. Investigation revealed that, he extorted money from the shopkeepers in the Imphal bazaar area; it said and added that a case has been registered at Imphal Police Station and investigation is going on.

Urban Guerrilla in Istanbul


Increasing attacks in İstanbul feed concerns about security

Police have failed to make progress in a case in which an assailant escaped after attempting to shoot İlhan Yıldırım, the brother of former Minister of Transportation Binali Yıldırım, in the evening hours of Feb. 10 in İstanbul’s Çekmeköy district. Yıldırım, who leads the İstanbul branch of the Red Crescent, was not hurt in the incident as the assailant reportedly misfired, although his driver was injured. The Maoist Communist Party (MKP) claimed responsibility for the shooting a week after the incident.

In another incident in İstanbul’s Taksim Square in early February, Elif Sultan Kalsen, a member of the far-left Revolutionary People’s Liberation Party/Front (DHKP/C), managed to flee the scene of an attack on police. She is the main suspect in the incident and is still at large. Despite clear video records of Kalsen’s taxi-assisted escape, almost three weeks have passed since the incident without her capture.




The Awami government is making a hue and cry propaganda that a big change is coming, corruption will end and people’s suffering will come to an end etc. Can Awami League do any good for people by keeping parliamentary democracy or forming presidential method of government? Awami League is a political party which protect the interest of East Bengal Bureaucratic Capitalism and Feudalism, Indian Expansionism and US-Soviet. Therefore, be it parliamentary or Presidential method of government, as long as Awami League is in power, the interest of Bureaucratic Capital, India and Soviet-US will be protected, people’s suffering will increase and people’s condition will not have any change with the increasing phrase mongering by Awami League.

Moreover, be it parliamentary or presidential, the democracy of East Bengal is for the handful of Awami fascists and their agents while fascist dictatorship is going on people. So, people have nothing to do with the method of government but the most important question is which class holds state power i.e political power i.e power of class oppression (state machinery). As Awami League holds state power, irrespective of method of government, that government will protect the interest of Awami League and carry repression over people. Moreover, dictatorship is not bound by any law. Therefore, the Awami League will carry necessary fascist dictatorship over people, whichever method of government it may be.

Recently, measures have been taken to form Firing Squad and Quick Punishing of Criminals via minimum trial. It is nothing but a step to strengthen repression over people. It is because the real criminal and miscreants are the Awami Leagers. But the Firing Squad will not touch their body. So, whom will it touch? Naturally, the target of Firing Squad will be patriotic revolutionaries who are fighting for people’s liberation, their foods, clothes, education, medical treatment, jobs, houses, peace, and security and for the freedom and democracy for the beloved motherland. This newer phase of repression over revolutionaries and people will further accelerate revolution and make people take part in revolution massively. Mao said, “Japan’s repression accelerated revolution in China.” It is applicable in the case of East Bengal too. Mass atrocities will give rise to huge resistance which will finally bury Awami League.

If military force come to power via coup d’état, will it make any change in situation? Fearing Indian intervention, the military will not dare to take power by its own strength because it is not possible for Bangladesh Army to attain victory by confronting Indian Expansionist Army. If military force comes to power anyway, the Awami League and pro Moscow lackeys will be hugely beaten and their existence will be on the verge of collapse. Secondly, the military has to confront Indian intervention. As a result, countrywide war situation, post 25 March 1971 situation may arise. The military force is able to confront neither India nor internal bureaucrats. It will create a wonderful situation.

If military force sustain by foreign intervention assistance (United States), people will have no change because the high bureaucrats (officers) of military force along with bureaucratic capital and feudal are connected to Imperialism, Expansionism and Social Imperialism. So, people of Bangladesh will have no good by military force. The failure of Pakistan’s Ayub-Iahia period, Ne Win government of Burma (claimant of establishing of so called Socialism) and that of various country military dictators is proof of that. Therefore, the liberation of East Bengal and benefit of people is possible only by seizure of power of East Bengal by the Proletarians. And that proletariat should be guided by scientific path charted by Marx-Lenin-Mao Tsetung.