Message from KKE (m-l) of Greece for the 10th anniversary of CPI(maoist)


To the CC of CP of India (Maoist)

The Leading Organ of the Communist Party of Greece (marxist-leninist) sends you our warm comradely greetings for the tenth anniversary of the Communist Party of India (Maoist), the vanguard force of the Indian people in his struggle for national and social liberation. We believe that the unification of the communist forces in India and the founding of the Party were an important step towards the advancement of the revolutionary movement in India with broader impact on the communist forces all over the world.

We watch with interest the struggles of the workers, the peasants and the oppressed masses of India, we take courage from their successes and their resolution. We stand in solidarity with the struggles of Indian revolutionaries. We condemn the savage suppression and oppression by the the Indian state. The murders, persecutions, and arrests against the revolutionaries will not achieve the aims of the Indian state.

The power of the revolutionary forces that is based on the people is unconquerable. The workers, the youth, and the progressive and revolutionary forces in Greece stand wholeheartedly alongside the revolutionary struggles in India. They organize actions of solidarity to the political prisoners and publicize the state oppression and the violation of democratic and human rights of the struggling masses of India.

Athens 22/9/2104

The LO of CPG(m-l)

People’s War in India Clippings 25/10/2014


Maoists call for bandh on October 30

VISAKHAPATNAM: The East Division Committee of the Maoists has called for a bandh on October 30 to protest the lynching of three of their armed cadre by tribals, East Division secretary Kailasam told some media persons on the phone on Friday. It may be recalled that Maoists killed Gemmeli Sanjeeva Rao of Veeravaram village of Chintapalli mandal and were abducting another person, Jaggam dora Simhachalam, a religious preacher, when they were attacked by hundreds of tribals, who killed three Maoists – Sindri Chinna Ranga Rao alias Sarat, Palasa Ganapati and Korra Nageswara Rao on the night of October 19. Kailasam said his cadre did not open fire against the tribals to avoid killing them.

“Our men did make a mistake at Sagulu in GK Veedhi on February 19, 2013, by killing three tribals and the party has openly admitted the mistake of its armed cadre. Our party took the decision to kill police informer Gemmeli Sanjeeva Rao after he was warned three times earlier,” he said. He elaborated that the party cadre killed Sanjeeva Rao and were going to the Korukonda area to make an announcement in a praja court but tribals, under the influence of security forces, did not give their armed cadre a chance to explain why they took the decision to kill Rao.

He said the CPI Maoist party had already identified 19 people involved in the murder of three of its three cadres. “They should come forward and admit their mistake, otherwise the party will take stern action,” he said.

Maoists blast house of rival in Bihar

Maoists blasted the house of one of their former members, a result of an ongoing rivalry among two different factions of left wing extremists, police said today. Around 30 to 35 members of CPI (Maoist) came to Nawada village, located close to the border with Jharkhand, last night and exploded the house of one Bhola Yadav, their former colleague who had recently joined the Tritiya Prastuti Committee (TPC), a breakaway faction of CPI (Maoist), SP Rakesh Kumarsa said. Initially the rebels were searching for Yadav, but when they did not find him at his house, the Maoists asked his family members to come out of the pucca house and rigged it with explosives before blasting it, Sherghati Sub-divisional Police Officer (SDPO) Ajay Kumar Singh said.


BSF recovers huge cache of explosives in Odisha, foils Maoist ill design

Report by Kishore Dash; Malkangiri: In a setback to the Maoists, the elite Border Security Force (BSF) personnel of 161 Battalion seized huge cache of explosives, IED and other naxal related items Thursday early morning in the district thereby averting a major tragedy. Acting on its own intelligence inputs, the Border Security Forces belonging to 161 Battalion ventured into the hilly terrains adjoining the Sisaguda village under Mathili police limits and we’re able to unearthed huge explosives including IED during a massive combing and search operation that lasted for hours together, BSF sources here said. During operation 219 explosive packets weighing 27 KGs, slurry column explosive weighing 9.5 kg, 100 electric detonators, 15 kg explosive potash, black powder, 12 volt & 9 volt battery and 01 IED weighing 4.5 kg were recovered by the BSF personnel.

The explosive and IED etc were kept in drums which were buried and camouflaged meticulously in inaccessible forest hilly area. Besides, 01 empty steel container of 3 liter with fitted electric detonator, red cloth, 02 empty steel container, 20 blank charts for preparation of posters, 02 pair sports shoes, 06 electric wire bundles were also recovered by the elite Forces.

Ex-Maoists inducted into police force as part of surrender policy

Indi Pahan (39), who was a Maoist from 2007 to 2012, was inducted into the Jharkhand police as a constable on Friday. Thanks to Jharkhand’s naxal surrender and rehabilitation policy, Pahan and four other former Maoists, including two women, were provided appointment letters at a function organised by Jharkhand police here. Chief minister Hemant Soren was present to boost the morale of the ex-Maoists.

Cops, Maoists Exchange Fire

BALANGIR: SOG jawans exchanged fire with Maoists camping in Tikhari reserve forest, about 25 km from here under Muribahal block, in the wee hours of Thursday. While no casualty has been reported, the jawans recovered detonators, shoes and Maoist literature from the spot. DIG (North) Prateek Mohanty said combing operation has been intensified in the reserve forest and additional reinforcement deployed. On intelligence inputs regarding movement of Maoists, SOG jawans raided the area. On seeing the security personnel, the Maoists opened fire and dispersed into the forest. Balangir SP Deepak Kumar said further details will be known after the jawans return from the forest.

Five Maoists carrying Rs 26 lakh on their head arrested

Five alleged Maoist cadres, including a teenaged girl, who carried a total reward of Rs 26 lakh on their heads, were arrested during a three-day operation from October 21 to October 23, the police said here today. Those arrested include commander of Maoist platoon number five Dunga Yesu Bapu Teka (30) who was wanted in connection with nine alleged encounters and landmine blast incidents between 2005 and 2014, the Gadchiroli police said in a press release.

Teka had joined the Aheri Maoist platoon in 2002 and carried a reward of Rs 12 lakh on his head, the release said. The police also arrested Maoist section commander of platoon number four Manas Sonare Sainu Tarami (21) who is from Bairagarh in Chhattisgarh, for allegedly being involved in 14 encounters, it said. Tarami carried a reward of Rs 8 lakh on his head. Other cadres arrested include a local supplier Raju Vishnu Naitam, who was allegedly involved in passing on supplies to Maoists, the release said.

Naitam carried a Rs 2 lakh reward on his head. Another prize catch is Maoist commander of platoon number three Vasant Rejiram Pathiram Wadde (21) who is from Jinglegram of Chhattisgarh and carried a Rs 2 lakh on his head, it said. The arrested woman Maoist cadre Rupi Suman Gawade (16), who is from Pindigulam, is alleged to be CPI-Maoist’s local committee member and she carried a reward of Rs 2 lakh on her head, it said.

10-Kg IED Planted by Maoists Unearthed in Kondagaon

An improvised explosive device (IED) weighing 10 kg, allegedly planted by Maoists to target security forces, was recovered in Chhattisgarh’s Maoist-hit Kondagaon district today, the police said. Packed in a steel container, the explosive was found placed beneath the Kondagaon-Bayanar road which goes through restive forests, Kondagaon Additional Superintendent of Police (ASP) Surjit Atri told PTI.

Based on specific inputs that Maoists had placed a landmine on the approach road to Bayanar, a joint squad of the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) and the district police force was sent from Kondagaon towards the region, located around 250 km away from the Chhattisgarh state capital, on a demining exercise.

When security forces were between Chimdi and Chalka village in the dense forests, they spotted the IED and ended up averting a major mishap, Atri said. A detonator and three metres of wire were also found at the spot, he said, adding the explosive device was immediately destroyed by the bomb disposal squad.

An Appeal to The Naga People-MCP Manipur


Maoist Communist Party Manipur strongly opposes the decision made by Indian Ruling colonial government to deploy Naga Regiments in the Maoist Liberated Areas of India specially Dandakaranya Revolutionary zone. We appeal to the personal of Naga Regiment to oppose the implementation of this decision and not to go to Chhattisgarh as slaves in the service of Exploiters, raise their voices to oppose forceful deployment and express solidarity towards the revolutionary people of this region who are fighting for their very existence. The same appeal has already made by our Maoist Fraternity Party, The Communist Party of India (Maoist) and it is our rightful proletarian responsibility to relay the message of Indian Maoist to the people of Naga in general, Naga Students Federation (NSF) Naga Hoho, Naga Peoples Movement for Human Rights (NPMHR) and Revolutionary Naga Leaders.

If forcefully sent our Naga Brotherhood to revolutionary areas in spite of your opposition, perform your duties passively. Do not commit atrocities on the people. During battles, lay down your arms in solidarity with the Revolutionary Internationalism. Indian Maoist has already openly welcomed the statements given by officers of Naga forces in opposition to sending Naga forces to Chhattisgarh. It is well known that during the notorious militarized, well-organized, repressive fascist operation Salwa Judum too, Naga forces were sent to Chattisgarh.

Due to strong mass resistance by the struggling people of Dandakaranya and the heroic resistance by PLGA under the leadership of Indian Maoist as well as due to the opposition by Naga people, families of Naga Regiments, Naga students and intellectuals, Naga agitators, civil rights organizations and activists, the Central and Naga State governments were forced to call back Naga forces from Chhattisgarh. During that time, many Naga Personal lost their lives in people’s war and also many of them got injured. Naga bloods should for only to protect the interest for the People of Naga and it not let down as Indian Slaves.

We all know that we the people of Manipur, Nagaland, Mizoram, Assam, Tripura and Meghalaya are the most vulnerable victims of Indian counter Insurgency Operation. Thousands of our beloved Peoples have been killed by the heartless Indian Armed Forces. So our Naga Brotherhood of Nagaland must understand the pain of when beloved one killed by the Indian democratic Killers. Only in Manipur 8983 (Eight Thousand Nine Hundred and Eighty Three) beloved people had killed by the Indian Armed Forces under the Armed Forces Special Powers act 1958. The death toll is very uncertain that it’s a biggest threat to the Indigenous population of Manipur. We have only 16,000,00 (1.6 Million) indigenous population in Manipur which control by the One hundred Thousand (100,000) of Indian democratic Killers equipped with sophisticated weapons like AK 47 Riffles, Insas Riffles, 80 mm Motors, MP 5 Rifles and so on.

Now Naga forces are once again being used to intensify the Operation Green Hunt, which is a countrywide unjustified war on people, launched in 2009 to wipe out the Indian Maoist, Peoples Liberation Guerilla Army, PLGA (armed forces of Indian Maoist) and people’s democratic power organs – the Revolutionary Peoples’ Committees. It is the conspiracy of the exploitative-ruling classes that on the one hand, since decades Indian Army might is being used by the Indian Government to annihilate national liberation struggle of Manipur, Nagaland, Assam, Mizoram, Tripura and Meghalaya and on the other, it is using Naga forces to suppress the peoples war in Dandakaranya who are fighting for their rights over Jal-Jungle-Jameen.

This policy of Divide and Rule of the British colonialists is inherited by the Indian comprador ruling classes. Maoist Communist Party again appeal to Naga Students Federation, Naga Hoho, Naga Peoples Movement for Human Rights (NPMHR), civil rights activists, families of Naga Regiments – especially their mothers, friends and relatives, students and youth to wage a strong and militant mass agitations against the deployment of Naga forces in Maoist Liberated Areas of India.


Solidarity to the Kurdish People! United Front against Imperialism!-KKE (ML)


The siege of the Kurdish city of Kobanê in northern Syria, the hundreds of dead in and around it, and the thousands of Kurdish displaced war refugees, is one more mass human tragedy in the Middle East. Nowadays in the region that extends from Afghanistan, to Palestine, to Iraq, to Syria, to Libya and the Yemen the peoples are in the midst of an endless war, facing a huge social catastrophe and retrogression. Civil wars, massacres and mass crimes, displacements and waves of refugees, leveling of cities, infrastructures and economies, dissolution of whole societies and breaking up of countries. The main responsibility lies with imperialism and especially US imperialism!

The criminals of Washington with their invasion and occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq, their raid on Libya and the indirect intervention in Syria, by sponsoring and arming the reactionary fanatics of the so-called Caliphate, they fired up the war and the blind massacres. Now they pretend to bomb their puppets in Syria, when in truth they kill civilians and destroy infrastructures in order to make this country their protectorate, too. The Kurds, as every other people, have an inalienable right in freedom, security and self-determination. For these rights they have shed rivers of blood and for decades in Turkey, Iraq, Syria, and elsewhere.

As history has shown, nobody gives for free these rights, much more the imperialists, the reactionary forces and the all kinds of hypocrites and fortune hunters in the West. Only a united front of the peoples of the Middle East against imperialism and the local reactionaries can guarantee peace, security and the well-being of all residents in the area, and without regardless of ethnic background and religion. Only when the peoples rise up, throw the yoke of the oppressive reactionaries, bourgeois and feudalists, when they smash up imperialism and take their fortunes in their own hands, only then they will feel free. Only then they will be masters of their countries and their natural resources.

We are in solidarity with the struggles of the Kurdish people and demand for an immediate stop of the siege and and the threatened massacre in Kobanê and all the Kurdish areas of Northern Syria.

We condemn the new imperialist intervention, the bombings by the Americans, British, French and other European and Arab reactionary forces in Syria and Iraq.

We condemn the policies of the Turkish government which continues to oppress the Kurdish people, by killing demonstrators, by supporting the imperialist interventions, by planning invasions and by supporting the reactionary forces in Syria.

We demand of the Greek government to stop every involvement and participation in the imperialist plans and the NATO aggressive war scenarios.


LCP leader murdered in Minas Gerais!


Comrade Cleomar LCP leader in northern Minas Gerais and Bahia was ambushed and gunned down in Pedras de Maria da Cruz October 22nd after death threats from landlords.



pce-sr viva el pueblo kurdo

Cada vez cobra un mayor significado histórico la estoica defensa de la ciudad de Kobane por parte de los combatientes kurdos organizados en las Unidades de Protección Popular (YPG), que resisten la criminal ofensiva de los terroristas del ISIS (Estado Islámico), organizados y armados por el imperialismo yanqui y apoyados por el títere régimen turco de Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

A pesar de la sevicia con la que operan las hordas terroristas del ISIS, el pueblo kurdo sin contar con más fundamento que la justeza de su lucha, y sin más apoyo que aquel que le otorga su razón histórica por reivindicar la necesidad de defender sus territorios en aras de concretar un estado independiente, ha sabido infringir determinantes derrotas a los terroristas que poco a poco ven minadas sus aspiraciones de crear un enlace territorial en las proximidades a la frontera Siria-Turca; vía que le permitiría mejorar un corredor logístico y fortalecer los espacios de repliegue que le oferta permanentemente el gobierno pro imperialista de Turquía.

El proletariado y pueblo del Ecuador, saluda y se solidariza con el hermano pueblo kurdo que combate decididamente al imperialismo expresado en las hordas criminales del ISIS (Estado Islámico), y no dudamos que el Kurdistán se convierta en la tumba del terrorismo que responde a la nueva estrategia del imperialismo por posicionarse y controlar el Magreb, los Estados Árabes y el Golfo.










mujer maoísta

Communist Blogs Network (RBC) sends fraternal greetings to the International Committee for the Support of People’s War in India (CIAGPI) and congratulations on the success of the International Conference on the 10th Anniversary of the Communist Party of India (PCI m). We are pleased by the attendance of many militant and revolutionary organizations, and expressions of solidarity of many revolutionary groups who, like us, were unable to attend.

RBC must recall the importance of the ten-year struggle of the Communist Party of India (PCI-m) and their struggle to defeat capitalism’s savage government of New Delhi, at the service of foreign multinationals and the local oligarchy and to build for the good of the working class, the peasantry and the oppressed masses of India—a socialist society, through a People’s War and towards a New Democratic Revolution.

We believe that the PCI-m and the Naxalite movement is today, an example for the international working class, and therefore stand as an indispensable support. We must disseminate and explain it, make it known to the exploited of all people and the working class of the world. India is a country with rich natural resources, sold by the propaganda media as the “largest democracy in the world,” as an alternative to neoliberal capitalism, as if the criminal regime of the bourgeoisie could be at odds with their criminal and exploitative nature of people and the working class. However, in reality it is a country that applies a cruel and merciless dictatorship of capital at the expense of misery, slavery and domination of workers and peasants.

In fact, the enormous and immeasurable riches of India are still in the hands of a parasitic minority and available to large investors in foreign corporations, leaving the people of India excluded from its enjoyment, benefit and, above all, of any capacity decision on its use. In short, we thank the PCI-m their struggle for emancipation of the workers and peasants in the villages of India, and indeed of all workers, peasants and people of the world, which has lead the way for release , the seizure of power and the start of construction of a socialist society, steadily without ever abandoning the class struggle against the capitalist class, with the goal that marked Marx and Engels in the Communist Manifesto: a world without exploiters and exploited, a communist society. Along the way you want to go together ICP-m, explaining, supporting and spreading their struggle and its vanguard role, Communist Blogs Network, which reiterates its firm support and solidarity to the people of India led by the Communist Party of India (Maoist), in their ongoing struggle for national and social liberation.

Red Greetings to Communist Party of India- Maoist!

Long live the Naxalite Revolution!

Glory to the people of India in their struggle against imperialism and capitalism!

Long live the World Proletarian Revolution!

Communist Blogs Network (RBC)



Since the 15th September, roughly a month ago, the people of Kobane resists the attacks of the ISIS gangs. The panislamic organization ISIS grew rapidly in the reactionary civil war of Syria. Turkey’s AKP government, the kings of Saudi Arabia and Jordan, the United Arab Emirates, the USA and the European imperialists allowed this reactionary civil war to escalate with the intention to bring down the Syrian regime. They provided support in form dozens of millions of dollars, dozens of millions of heavy weapons, training of combatants and training camps. Furthermore, the AKP government intensified this support to crush the Rojava revolution.

In the deciphered secret conversation between Davutoğlu, MIT and the responsibles in the army they mentioned that the Turkish government provided 2000 truckloads of weapon support and discussed which provocations they could organize to justify an occupation. The Turkish government instructed the panislamic warriors in Turkey as well as on the battle ground of Syria in the use of heavy weapons – including chemical weapons. Through seizing Mosul on 10th June ISIS got the chance to grow again. It were the same forces that boosted this development in order to reshape the power in Iraq. ISIS did not content itself with the conquest of Mosul and eluded the it supporting forces’ control. It founded the Islamic State and caused a blood bath among peoples of distinct beliefs. They enslaved women and sold them on the markets.

The AKP government orientated ISIS towards the crush of the Rojava revolution. ISIS attacks Kobane with tanks, artillery and rockets. Kobane is one of the self-administrating regions of the Rojava revolution. The people of Rojava and Kobane defends itself through YPG, that was made against the attacks of the barbarian ISIS from the different nations and beliefs present in Rojava. The defensive battle of the Revolution, in which also the militants of MLCP as comrade Serkan Tosun and Paramaz in Kobane participated, goes on.

The USA, NATO and the reactionary states of the region allegedly decided to conduct a war against ISIS. Yet, in fact, taking ISIS as a pretence, they let the demoralizing war in Syria escalate even more. Even more important; they plan to intervene after ISIS debilitated YPG with heavy weapons. In the revolution of 19th July 2012 the peoples of distinct nations and belief in Rojava have obtained their freedom and founded the self-administration on a voluntary basis.

They tried to keep the reactionary war out of their region and to create their future independently from it. What is rising these days at the horizon against blood bath and obscurity in Syria is the sun of people and revolution. We as the revolutionaries and communist parties that participated in the 20th anniversary of MLCP’s foundation support the Rojava revolution wholeheartedly. We call on the working classes and peoples of the world, and their progressive, revolutionary and communist forces to support the Kobane resistance, which is the Stalingrad of Kurds. Let us go beyond the internationalist slogan of the Madrid defence against the Franco hordes:

Now Kobane is the home of the revolution!

Let us strengthen the Kobane resistance by demonstrations and strikes at work places, schools and on the public squares and through the heroic resistance of the revolutionaries, that form part of the international brigades in Kobane and Rojava!

Long live the Kobane resistance!

Crvena Akcija

Kommunistischer Aufbau

Marokkanisches fortschrittliches Kollektiv

Marokkanische kommunistische Marxisten-Leninisten



Partija Rada


Reconstruccion Comunista


People’s War in India Clippings 23/10/2014


Woman Maoist nabbed in Odisha’s Sambalpur district

A hardcore woman Maoist was arrested by the CRPF personnel from Taparasingha village under Jujumura police station limits in Odisha’s Sambalpur district in the wee hours on Wednesday. The arrested woman Maoist has been identified as Santara Dehuri alias Sanju (26) of Debatadhara village under Kisinda police station limits. Action on a tip-off, Central para-military personnel arrested her from her father-in-law’s house at Taparasingha village.

She was later handed over to Sambalpur police. According to police, Sanju had married Sania Negi of Taparasingha village. Sania, who was the deputy commander of the SDS (Sambalpur-Deogarh-Sundargarh) zone of CPI (Maoist). He had surrendered to the police a year ago and is now in jail. After her husband’s arrest, Sanju was involved in Maoists activities in Sundargarh, Jujumura, Kisinda, Kuchinda and Riamal areas. Mother of a son and a daughter, she has over 20 cases of murder, loot and attack on people in the area pending against her in various police stations. Interrogation of Sanju by the Sambalpur police is on, police said.

Maoists abduct two labourers in Odisha

Two Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana (PMGSY) workers of tribal-dominated Nagira village under Pallahara gram panchayat (village level local self Government institution) in Angul District, were abducted by suspected cadres of the Communist Party of India-Maoist (CPI-Maoist) late on October 21, reports The Pioneer. The abductees were identified as Amarendra Sahoo and Hemant Swain, and they were working as labourers under SK Agrawal, a contractor.

SATP Review of “CPI-Maoist Major Incidents 2014″

February 8: Three CPI-Maoist cadres of National Park Supply Dalam (armed squad) were killed in a joint operation by Maharashtra and Chhattisgarh Police near Bada Kakler village under Pharasgad Police Station in Bijapur District of Chhattisgarh.

February 14: Three residents of Nelnar, about 40 km from the District headquarters of Narayanpur District of Chhattisgarh, have been killed in an incident which the family and other villagers say is a fake encounter, an allegation rubbished by the Police, who called the three as CPI-Maoist cadres.

February 18: Seven CPI-Maoist cadres were killed in an encounter with Maharashtra Police near Alitola village in Gadchiroli District.

February 28: Five Policemen, including a Police Sub-Inspector, were killed and three others injured in a CPI-Maoist ambush in Dantewada District of Chhattisgarh.

March 11: Fifteen SF personnel were killed in a CPI-Maoist ambush in Sukma District of south Chhattisgarh. One civilian, Vikram Nishad, also died in the crossfire, while three were injured.

April 7: At least three CRPF personnel were killed and eight others, including Dhibra Police Station SHO Amar Kumar, were injured in a landmine blast near Baranda Mor under the Dhibra Police Station area in Aurangabad District of Bihar.

April 9: Three personnel of the CoBRA unit of the CRPF were killed and three others injured in a CPI-Maoist ambush near Chintagufa village in Sukma District.

April 12: Seven polling officials were killed in a landmine blast in Bijapur District of Chhattisgarh.

April 12: Five CRPF troopers and two civilians were killed in a Maoist ambush in Bastar District of Chhattisgarh.

April 18: Three minor boys were allegedly killed by a group of LWEs in Bero block of Ranchi District, Jharkhand.

April 24: Eight persons, including five Police personnel, two election officials and one cleaner were killed and 10 others injured when CPI-Maoist cadres exploded a landmine targetting a poll bus near Sarsa village under Shikaripara Police Station of Dumka District soon after voting for the Lok Sabha elections ended.

April 27: Death toll increases to three in the April 27 incident as Police confirms that three villagers were killed by CPI-Maoist cadres under Mathili Police Station limits in Malkangiri District of Odisha.

May 11: Seven C-60 anti-CPI-Maoist Police Commandos were killed and two critically injured when Maoists blew up a Police vehicle under Chamorshi division of Gadchiroli District, Maharashtra.

June 3: Three villagers were shot dead allegedly by CPI-Maoist cadres, who suspected the trio of working against them, at Jojo in Khunti District of Jharkhand.

June 19: Three CPI-Maoist cadres, including Jana Babu Rao alias Ashok (48), district ‘central committee member’ of Nallamalla range, Bharathi (38), wife of Ashok and Vimalakka (35), were also killed in the encounter with Guntur District of Andhra Pradesh special party Police at Kallagunta village in Yerragondabalem mandal (administrative unit) in the Nallamalla forest range of Guntur-Prakasam District border.

July 25: The Maoists killed three persons in Gumla District of Jharkhand.

August 9: At least 14 cadres of TPC were killed by the Maoists at Choti Kauriya village under Vishrampur Police Station limits in Palamu District of Jharkhand.

August 16: At least four CPI-Maoist cadres were killed in an encounter with Police in Narayanpur District.

30 years of prison, 30 years of resistance: Free Georges Ibrahim Abdallah!

Paris solidarity action of OCML VP, AFA Paris, Femmes en lutte 93 and Organisation communiste Futur Rouge (OCFR) as part of international week of solidarity with Ahmad Sa’adat and Georges Ibrahim Abdallah.


Georges Ibrahim Abdallah is a political prisoner in France (since 22-10-1984), his country Lebanon was occupied by the Zionist regime with the help of NATO forces. Lebanon has been invaded by “Israel” since 1967 then was mostly free in 25-05-2000. Beirut, the capital itself, was under Zionist occupation in 1982. Georges ABDALLAH was injured twice in these invasions. He was one of thousands combatants barehanded defending their country against a military machine.

His first beliefs started in SSNP (Syrian Social Nationalist Party) which refuses the imperialist division of the Syrian nation : refusing Sykes-Picot secret settlement in 1916, just one year before the Belfour promise to Jews to settle in south of Syria (known today as Palestine). In 1919, the US King-Crane commission confirms the will of this people against the imperialist division of the region. Still the region was divided and south was occupied. Georges resisted as an PFLP member (the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine): a Palestinian Marxist-Leninist organisation founded in 1967. He established the LARF (Lebanese Armed Revolutionary Fractions) trying to stop military weapons transition that destroy Beirut and the Palestinian camps (remember the Sabra and Shatila massacres). He was life sentenced with 15 years as a minimum sentence.

Since 1999 seven requests for conditional releases were denied. In January 2012, the chief of DST (Directorate of Territorial Surveillance) M. Yves Bonnet who was responsible for his arresting declared to the press that M. ABDALLAH has the right to call his actions as resistant actions, not terrorism as he was accused. Yves Bonnet called the court to hear his testimony. He was received in the court on 15-02-2012.

An international campaign for the liberation of Georges Ibrahim ABDALLAH was launched in april 2009, from Beirut. Today, support committees are present in France, Lebanon, Tunisia … The armed resistance had liberated all the Lebanese captive war prisoners from “Israeli” jails (jails in Lebanese territory; in 2000 and in Palestinian occupied territories; in 2008), Georges ABDALLAH is considered one of these heroes and is very respected in his country but in France too where two cities made him their honorary citizen : Calonne Ricouart and Grenay.

In 2003, the French judge accepted his release but the French government under the US pressures appealed the judge decision and the final judgement was denial and rejection in 2004. In France we doubt the independence of law authority from the political one and we consider George I. A. as a political prisoner since 1984. The Lebanese government asked officially his release during the visit of the Prime Minister MIKATI to Paris in February 2012.